AmEx Yearly Fee Date

Hi there
Thinking about cancelling my amex but curious as to if i will be charged the yearly fee. My first transaction was on 10/02/2018, my yearly fee was charged on 01/03/2018. If I cancel now, will I be charged the fee before I leave? Any ideas?

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  • Even if you get charged the fee, you can always cancel straight away and get it refunded. They have to abide by proper consumer law and in my experience are always reasonable about such things.

    • What has AMEX breached with respect to the consumer law if they charge an Annual Fee, as advertised?

    • so much funny in that one sentence

    • This has nothing to do with consumer law, but you are right in a way. Amex will cancel and refund your money within 30 days if you call. Another thing is I have called yearly on my Platinum charge, threatening to cancel and literally EVERY year they offer me between 50-80k points to stay. I spend about 100k a year though on the card.

  • I have recently cancelled with both amex and anz after the annual fee was charged (within a few weeks), and both refunded the annual fee then closed it.

  • Just give them a call and ask. In the past they waived the fee when I cancelled just after it.