expired Spotify Premium 60 Day Free for New Customers


Offer not available to users who already tried Premium, $11.99/month after.
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    Thanks OP. I need to renew soon.


    Payment details needed?


    Anyone know what is a new user? New email? New credit card?

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    Thanks my tidal trial is about to expire

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    spotify Philippians can be had for about $5-$6 a month for a family account


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      I didn't realise they had Spotify in ancient Greece.

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      no, if you read the comments on the deal, it doesnt actually work anymore

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      im with @lowrider88 on this. I thought the workaround was fixed. Tried it this morning and got knoecked back at payment stage.

      Are you still getting it? If so, what method are you using?

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        The workaround still works as at 24 January 2019, when I signed up to PH Spotify.


          Can you elaborate how?

          Steps, payment etc….

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            @Dud: The key is to not pre-create a PH PayPal account beforehand. If you make the PayPal account whilst you're signing up to the Spotify PH subscription, it'll work. Otherwise, you'll get an error from PayPal that the payment can't be processed.

            As for payment, I've linked my Bankwest credit card directly to the PH PayPal account. At first, it wouldn't let me have the same credit card registered on both my AU and PH PayPal accounts, but I somehow managed to got it to work, after I linked another card to the PH PayPal account first and had it debit the first month from the other card.

            Proof showing my switchover from US to PH billing on 24/1/19: https://i.imgur.com/oKeaHUE.png (I then switched to Family for the second month)

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      The only bad thing about this is that it curates to mostly Phillipines stuff as well as some songs here and there are not available due to copyright issues in those countries, but you can access everything you need and after a while songs get curated based on what you listen to anyways so you'll hardly see the difference.


      I remember people using VPNs for Deezer to get lower monthly prices. I don't know if this still works for Deezer or other streaming services… Using VPNs to get cheaper computer games rarely succeeds now. Globilization only benefits corporations and capitalists, but ordinary citizens.


    What date do we have to sign up for this?


    I just saw this, logged in today, and it reverted back to 30 days. What gives, Spotify?
    edit: Nevermind, had to access through the link, not via the App.


    Can you cancel right after signing up and still have access for 60 days? or cancel after the 60 days lapse?