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[Refurbished] Sony WH1000XM3B Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $319.20 Delivered @ Sony eBay


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  • +13 votes

    I'd rather pay $30 more for new

  • +13 votes

    These were recently $318 at Amazon and ebay with 20% discount. No deal at buying refurbished at this price.

    • -3 votes

      This still seems like the cheapest price available right now. That sounds like a bargain to me

    • +2 votes

      While what you say might make sense, this is not a valid reason for neg.

    • +1 vote

      That deal is now expired and this is the cheapest option on the market. I bought these refurbs last deal and I'm pretty sure they're brand new.


    Qantas is doing the same price for brand new. However you'll need to add an extra 2000 qff points, which shouldn't be to hard to get

  • +6 votes

    The way I view refurbished stuff, is that it's definitely working, as I know a technician has confirmed it, as that is required to re-sell an item which is returned (as they mostly are). With new, probably one 2 out of 100 of each batch are checked. Not saying refurbished is better than new, but it's perfectly fine. I think people often think of refurbished as some broken item they pulled out of a dumpster and chucked in a box, and it's definitely not gonna work.

    My TV, projector, and another pair of headphones are all either seconds or refurbished. Refurbished I can't tell the difference between new. The TV (factory second) has a small crack in bezel (not visible from front) which was noted at the time of purchase. Still working well 7 years later.

  • -2 votes

    They would be sporting someone else's ear wax

    • +3 votes

      These go over the ear it would take a really dirty or extremely large ear to do that to these. Also they replace all the pads with new ones. It’s noted in the refurbishment process.

  • +2 votes

    went to jbhifi to check this set, and to be honest, the build quality is nowhere near $300+ value.
    the plastic, and please look inside the ear cups/pads. the material there are just so-so.

    i will probably will get lots of negs, but that is my opinion.


    XZ Premium Black for $299.70 delivered looks a great deal, might be one of the last 16:9 flagships.


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