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Razer Orbweaver Chroma $135 Delivered (First 20 Units Only) @ FTC


Last 20 Units for $135. Price will be increased 20% after this 20 units sold.

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  • Hardware is good but the software is terrible. Had to write my own in order to make this operate the way I expected it to.

  • Used this a few times and enjoyed the small form factor as I am a couch gamer. Keys are very satisfying with a longer travel. With tweaking, your keybinds can make this an enjoyable input method.

    As custom keybinds for different titles are basically up to the user, get used to fighting with Razer Synapse.

    Ultimately, even simple PC games have about 30 input keys because every PC developer expects you to have the luxury of an entire keyboard. So you're going to need your keyboard in proximity anyway. You can set alternate mappings available with a button press or hold but in the end I decided it was too much to set and remember for every. new. game. that. comes. out.

    Hope your experiences are better, even if that means you stick with your perfectly comfortable and fully functional keyboard that you paid less for and is about the same quality.

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    Cheaper here:


    $118.40 delivered with PUPGRADE 20% ebay code

  • Shipped with FastWay. Now I have to go through a living hell to get it. :(