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Coles Online $16 Cashback with $50 Min Spend @ Cashrewards (New Coles Online Customers Only)


Cashback is available only on first shop to new customers of Coles Online.
A minimum $50 spend applies, excluding delivery fees and/or other discounts.
Cashback may not be paid on alcohol & tobacco purchases.
Creation of multiple accounts with Coles Online will void eligibility for rewards.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • Coles online - any stocking or delivery fees?

    • I got charged a $3 click and collect fee for my last order of just over $50 and a fee for bags that wasn't optional.

  • OP when does this Coles Cashrewards Promo expire ?

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      Hi chrisie. As per our browser push notification, this promo is set to end at 11:59pm AEDT Feb 21, at which time it reverts to 7% Cashback with $14 cap. This will only change if Coles pulls the plug early, but fingers crossed they don't :)

      • Thanks TA for the reply.
        By the way whats this "As per our browser push notification" where do I find this ?

        • +3

          You can opt in to Chrome/Firefox/Safari desktop notifications, much like you can with Mobile App notifications. This way whenever we run special promos such as this, you'll know as soon as it happens. You do this by navigating to Cashrewards, then clicking on the 'lock' symbol and allowing notifications. See screenshot here.

  • Does this work if I've previously created an account but did not place any order?

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      Hi 4tran. As per the terms, it's based on your first shop with Coles Online.

  • What if i signed up to Coles a couple weeks ago, but haven't done a shop yet?

    • Read the post.

      Cashback is available only on first shop to new customers of Coles Online

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        it would be my first shop, but what do they class as 'new' customer?

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          New customer = never made an order before

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    As a warning to others, I had to cancel my order because of a coles promo expiring at midnight and I modified my order past midnight (change of collect time!) that voided my cashrewards claim. Not knowing better, I went through the site again. CR are saying tough sh*t, bad luck. Point is I am and was a first time buyer of the promotion. All this teaches me is if anything whimsical then just create a new account.

    absolutely irritating that collection times count as a modification on coles's end too


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      I asked the question for clarification but you gave me a "…you figure it out". Very helpful. Thanks.

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    Is it just me that you can only collect at a coles express incurring a $3 fee?

    • Same for me

      • First world problem as I actually live near a Coles and not a Coles Express. So you'd need to spend a minimum $53.

    • Same happened to me during previous promotion

    • No collection possible at a coles near me. Also can't pay with a discounted giftcard.

    • I had the same issue, my order was delivered from another Coles to a Coles Express in the car park of my local Coles.

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    Coles online is really rubbish. Not many pick up stores in Vic. I'd you don't pick up on the day of your order, it gets cancelled.
    Delivery is not always an option for me.

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    Don't waste your time with coles online. I have placed 3 orders with them, and everytime the items I really need are not available. Never again.

  • OP, would this stack with the coles $10 off your first order if it's over $100?

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      This code was communicated to us for previous promos but is no longer being pushed by its affiliate agency, so we can't have it on site. All I'll say is if you're keen to try it and it tracks (and they approve the sale), then great. If not, you'll know the reason why. Also note these codes are valid, albeit it with higher spends.

      • Is the cash back valid for purchasing alcohol?

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          Cashback may not be paid on alcohol & tobacco purchases.

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            @nocure: Yes I saw that, I don’t understand what may not means. It shall be either payable or not payable.

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    Coles online is rubbish, wouldn't even bother, waste of time.

    Last time i tried to get this offer i bought over $55 of stuff, and more than $10 of goods weren't available and i missed cash back.

    On top of that there is a $3 C&C fee, plus costs of bags, charged for 3 even though they used 2 bags. (others report the same).

    So in short, instead of earning a discount for the inconvience of deliberately going to their over priced petrol stations to pick up part of my groceries, i had to pay for that inconvience too. Rub salt in wound.

    I would neg this deal but it'll be the wrong use of neg, so hope this helps someone.

    • +1

      Never any problem here, bonus flybuy points, free money from Cashrewards and free delivery via Coles Mastercard.

  • Can this be used to buy gift cards. I never really spend $50 in a single grocery shop, but I guess I could get a bunnings gift card or somethings to bring it up to $50 required purchase.

    • No, because you can't buy gift cards via Coles Online.

  • Hi TA, mine and wifey account with same residential address (diff email/ cashback account) will be treated as one or different?

    • Coles determines the eligibility of new customers, not Cashrewards. I'm not sure what parameters they use to determine this, but I'd suggest the same residential address may be a dead giveaway. Your Cashrewards account is totally independent of your Coles Online account.

    • You could just add a 2/ , to your address. ie. If you live at 100 Bargain Street, put it as 2/ 100 Bargain Street .
      It might leave you in a difficult position for pickups at Australia Post.
      I'm sure the Woolworths delivery guy would be fine though. They probably call your phone number if they aren't sure.
      Be sure everything else is different also, mobile number, email, etc.

      • +1

        Woolies delivery guy might be fine, sure, but we're worried about the Coles guy here.

        • Woolies delivery guy might be fine, sure, but we're worried about the Coles guy here.

          Lol. It's the same guy , he also does Avon on his days off.
          It's the aldi guy that you really have to be careful of :/

      • Thanks for the Idea, since im going to pick up.. this should be helpful

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    I ordered $52.00 off Coles last time under the below deal. One item of $2.50 was out of stock and only found out after pickup when I checked the receipt so the Cashback as not honoured.

    Maybe throw in an extra 10 dollars worth so you do not get upset like Crazyperpman

    • Wow, I never thought of that happening. Good tip.

  • +1

    🎉My CashRewards $16 cashback was approved today🎉

    The $1.88/kg Coles Pork Loin Boneless Roasts & $3.75/kg Coles Pork Shoulder Boneless Roasts from January, was worth stocking up for the cooler weather.
    The additional discounts ($10 code & $16 cashback) made it a great deal🍴

    • You're legend. 👍

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