[PC] Steam-Hard West Collectors Ed/Castlevania:Lord of Shadow-Mirror of Fate HD - $2.50/$1.90 US (~$3.50/$2.66 AUD)- Gamesplanet


These are very good prices for these two games. According to ITAD the price for Hard West is the all-time low while there is no data for Castlevania.


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    Hard West is clunky but if you can get past all the jankiness it's a fun game with a bunch of interesting mechanics to spice up the turn based grid combat (think XCOM) formula.


      Agreed. Accuracy never gets that high, so it really doesn't want you to take cover and snipe; you have to keep moving to new cover and flank. Once you realise that, it becomes one of the most enjoyable turn-based games I've played in a while.