Qantas Lounge LAX

Is there away you can access qantas lounge in LA without being a club member or gold status…..can you pay an upfront fee like you can on American Airlines admirals lounge,ty

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  • No. You can also check the Qantas LAX Lounge eligibility criteria online at Qantas' website

  • Can you not purchase a lounge pass from someone on classifieds then use that to get in? If you are flying Qantas or affiliate airline.

    • Most lounge passes exclude LAX

  • I rang Qantas and they said my credit card complimentary invite/pass would get me into LAX.

    But is this not true? Can anyone confirm / . deny recently?

    Apparently Melbourne's lounge also used to be off limits, but is allowed now?

    • Nope. Tom Bradley QF lounge in LA is one of the more tightly restricted access ones.
      You can't use the complimentary passes there and no credit card gives you access to it.

      Gotta be QC or QF/OW Elite.

      • This is exactly what I asked qantas and she gave a totally different story. But I will trust you over qantas.

        What about using priority pass in LA. Must be a few decent options. What's the best?

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