Buying from China (from Chinese Website) and Deliver in Australia

Hi all.

In China, bicycle prices are much less than Australia. I found a Chinese website that the price is really good and I am planning to buy one or two.

The problem is those websites that has better prices, don’t ship it to Australia. Now, I am seeking your ideas and experiences in this regards. Which courier would you suggest and what would be the best way to do it? I will need someone/company to buy it from China and send it to me in Australia (including or excluding import process, custom clearance, etc. still not sure)

Appreciate it if anyone can help me on this.


  • Rather than buy it via a Chinese website, investigate the use of Buying Agents in China.
    They will arrange the sourcing through to delivery (at a price).

  • Are you asking for a Taobao shopping service?

  • Maybe reach out to the website via their contact us and just ask if they'd ship it for u?

    • Well, I don’t know Mandarin and I need to create account in the website and etc… I would do it when I had one of my Chinese friends with me ;)
      Thanks anyways

  • How much cheaper? What bike and what price bracket? You might find the cheaper bikes are not actually better value because they are fitted out with inferior components which is often the case.

    You’d probably get better value buying a second hand local, quality one and spending The balance on a service.

    In my experience, there are also a lot of scam sites selling high end bikes at a big discount.

    • Thanks. I am after a bike that is not found here.
      Here it is:
      Phoenix bike…. this one is around 870/5=$174 AUD…
      Got a few quotes for sea freight for $50
      The website itself is safe and reliable.

      • Try again. I did link a couple of eBay bikes, but got unpublished.

        Please don’t buy that junk. Cheap, heavy, not worth it. The eBay link was around $400 for a similar ‘eurobike’ (just a sticker swap). Heavy wheels, lowest quality gear shifting and cheap disc brakes that are typically terrible and much worse than cheap rim brakes.

        Also found one for around $200 without the fancy pint job, but still had disc brakes and was equally rubbish.

        Spend your $200 on a quality second hand bike and you’ll get a much better riding experience and it will still worth close to that if you sell it. Your ‘new bike just won’t sell on the second hand market because there are much better bikes available.