Is There *Value* in Tupperware Brand Kitchen Storage? Any Similar Quality (but Cheaper) Alternatives

I have always loved the quality of Tupperware brand kitchen storage and cups etc. However have never bought brand new, just been lucky enough to find a few peices at op shops and markets cheap.

I was at markets the other day however, and was end of day, lady said everything marked down because she just wants to get rid of it except for the Tupperware stuff, which she said still sells for big $$ second hand on ebay.

Anyway, was just drinking from my much prized Tupperware cup (about 13cm height, 6cm diameter) , same type I family had when I was a child, and thinking, I would like to buy some more of these cups (at least have 1 more) and maybe some Tupperware kitchen containers with lids.

Does Tupperware ever have good sale/bargains ?

I haven't ever paid full price nor bought new, but for those that have, do you feel there is value in your Tupperware purchase, even though it is really expensive.

And is there any good alternatives, not 'Tupperware' brand, but of a similar quality ?

I feel the quality of Tupperware is amazing, it seems to last forever. I think maybe it has a lifetime warranty?

I've bought cheap lidded kitchen containers, and the lids seem to bend and warp and not really fit properly from day 1, let alone last for a long time. Tupperware on the otherhand, even very old stuff at the op shops, the lids seem to stay true and fit perfectly always and easy to put on and off, give a perfect seal etc..

Would be great to have an alternative just as good quality, but much cheaper.



      Do you think they are just as good as Tupperware brand ?
      And do they have good sales at ikea for this type of stuff. Though it looks incredibly cheap to start with.


        I don't think I have ever had any to compare but can compare them to the Sistema brand just without the clip tops. They're very high quality clear plastic, dishwasher and microwave safe and the lids fit perfectly without being warped. You get 17 pieces in multiple colours for $6.99. Can't really go wrong and certainly don't think you need to pay premium for other brands.


          I threw out all my ikea stuff - found the lids didn't fit very snuggly and would pop off, and not create proper seals. I prefer the systema, but have used tupperware before and it's the best.

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    I like being able to buy the same container years later. I have Sistema to make frozen meals and OXO pop containers for the pantry.

    Both great products. Oxo is pricey but last forever. Sistema is cheap so they're doing a hundred cycles or more through the dishwasher before they get too warped to seal.

    We have some Tupperware and I don't think they are as good as the OXO and not much better than. Sistema.


      I like the systema as the lids have a catch that locks them in place, nothing worse than the lid coming off your lunch box and curry or what ever everywhere.


    Thanks for the info. OXO sounds like they are good. I checked online, they don't seem to make those containers like what you might put frozen meals in. Maybe I needed to search more.
    Any suggestions how to pick up some OXO stuff cheap. They have some containers on Amazon

    I don't know whether that's a good price for OXO containers or not.

    not much better than. Sistema.

    Do the Tupperware ones you have warp after being in the dishwasher ? I thought Tupperware brand lids never warp and always fit perfectly.

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      I always put my containers through the hottest and longest cycle. Any hotter and my plates may warp.

      I don't know if my Tupperware ones do as they don't get used much. They don't stack in a huge stack like the Sistema ones so I've retired them to the secondary home.

      I have about 36 of the Sistema ones. I batch cook.

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    I’ve had Tupperware lids that have broken. But we also have some Tupperware we got from my other half’s mother that has lasted for decades. If you are looking for well priced OXO things then look at the Corelle shops in DFO outlets.

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    Tupperware does break (I've had lids and containers crack and warp), and they do tend to honour the warranty (there are exceptions). But I found that they no longer accept you going in person or getting a distributor to swap a broken own; it's online and you have to pay for postage now (around $9-10 from memory). So being pricey to start with and $9-10 replacements, other brands start looking more attractive.

    I'd go either second hand Tupperware or the recommendations above. Or I also like Snapwear for liquid proof freezing and microwaving.

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    have a look at Pyrex/Snapware as well. seems to have solid reviews.

    all the brands are available on for cheaper than most places

    better to buy from there as they have a lifetime warranty and Amazon will refund you in that situation.

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    Have a look at the Lock & Lock range with Sistema as a second choice.

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    GlassLock products - there was a 3 pack from Aldi for $20 recently. There's also been clearance sales in the past e.g. Target for bigger sizes.

    We are shifting from Lock & Lock (plastic) to GlassLock.


      I much prefer glass. Sick of the plastics.. especially how they retain some colour and smell.


      Be careful with glass containers.

      We had a batch where tempering/hardening didn't go quite right. We were washing the containers on an average temperature day with room temp water and it popped. 5mm glass cubes can be found some 5m away.

      The pop isn't sufficient to cause anything more than surface micro scratches but I stepped in a few glass cubes over the next few weeks.

      Never regained confidence to use glass containers.


    We only use Pyrex, can't stand plastic.


      Yeah I prefer pyrex over glasslock. Their locking lids are hard to clean. Saying that the locking lids have obvious advantages over the pyrex lids.


    Tupperware used to be the ducks nuts when hey had lifetime warranty. Lately it is harder to claim warranty and the products don’t seem to be as good as they used to, or maybe the completion has upped their game to be comparable now.

    Tupperware is overpriced.


      Sounds alot like what happened with Sidchrome tools.
      Used to be unbreakable, such incredibly great quality, lifetime warranty (but you kind of couldn't break them even if you abused the crap out of em).
      Now many people don't see value in Sidchrome, because the newer stuff isn't made as well, plus people are getting anoyed that even if the lifetime warranty is covered on their old stuff.. replacement just isn't as good.

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