Windshield Washing Liquid OR Water OR Mix

Hi Guys,
I have recently bought a car here in Melbourne.
I have a doubt (to clean windshield) as to whether should I use Windshield Washing Liquid OR Tap Water OR Mixture of Washing Liquid and Water.

Many people have different views.
I would like to hear your opinion considering Melbourne weather.

If only washing liquid, can you suggest a good brand, type of liquid and a suitable place to buy?
If MIX, what percentage of washing liquid/water should be mixed?
If WATER, is tap water OK or should distilled water should be used?



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    It’s pretty simple I think, You don’t wash your house windows with just water do you?


      Thanks @Melbournebargain…
      I have edited my post a bit, t would be great if you could let me know washing liquid's type/brand and a suitable place to buy.
      some other doubts that I had are in edited post.

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    You need to dilute the liquid with water, then put it in. Do not pour the liquid straight in if that’s what you’re implying.


      Thanks :)
      I have edited my post a bit, it would be great if you could let me know washing liquid's type/brand and a suitable place to buy. and Mixture percentage??
      some other doubts that I had are in edited post.

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        Washer fluid is better than just water. Instructions are on the back of the bottle, you only need a small amount mixed with water. I just buy the cheapest from big w.

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      I'm just picturing OP just splasing on pure glass detergent and trying to wash his windscreen that way….


    Windex with water

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    Don’t use dish washing liquid. It foams up too much when you use it and will possibly leave a film or streaks on the windscreen.

    Just buy the windscreen washer additive from your local auto store. It will do a much better job.

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    I use this stuff from supercheap (below). Mix 20ml with 1L of water in a milk bottle or something and just pour it in. One of these bottles usually lasts me about a bit over a year and find it to be pretty good (not that ive tried lots of windscreen washers). Also has a handy mini squeeze measuring bottle attached as well.

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    Dishsoap contains phosphates, Windex contains ammonia, Don't use them on your car as they seep into the joints around the window and cause rust.

    The water tank gets hot and cold all the time.

    The right stuff includes chemicals that stop:

    • Mould and solids formation
    • Legionella developing in the water tank
    • maintain a clear blue solution that allows you to see if it needs to be topped up

    … as well as clean the window in a single wipe

    Not sure windex does all that (I guess ammonia evaporates out very quickly) it will clean for some time at least. Ammonia isn't a good idea though- esp. if the windscreen has ever been changed.

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    Hydrophobic coating on the windshield and use pH neutral detergent.

    It even works great on old cars where the windshield isn't designed for water to just slide up and over.

    All available at Bunnings, SCA, Autobarn, supermarkets…



      I have ceramic coating on my windshield, at over 80kph I see clearer with wipers off in the rain.


    I use Rain-X on my windows and whatever washer fluid is on special at Supercheap (Bars Bugs, Invisible Glass, etc).

    When I run out of Rain-X I intend to go to a proper coating that lasts longer.

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    I always use free rainwater sir, although the rainwater sometimes surprise me, maybe I shouldn't use the word use.

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    I have used this for years, as has my father who runs a wedding car hire business.

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    Just try this, it's premixed so just pour it in

    Works fine imo


    I use rain water to wash my windows and actually the whole car.


    I use some methanol in my washer bottle, it also stops the water from freezing on those sub zero nights if you live bush


    I use whatever is on special at supercheap. I think most have ammonia in the mix as I can smell it when I have the vents set to outside air after spraying windscreen.

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    I dont live in Melbourne but i have been using water for 35+ years in which ever car i drove and have never added anything else to the washer bottle.
    mainly because when i first started looking at cars to purchase as a kid , i had a family friend mechanic that had pointed out the rust under the windsreens of a couple of the cars i had looked at was from additives in the washer bottle. if water is no good for this job, how does it work when it rains on the windscreen without an additive?


      I suspect the additives do help a bit for people who drive a lot and/or get lots of dirt/grime/bugs/poo on their windscreen due to the places they drive (eg country).

      For everyone else, plain water is fine.


    In over 40 years I have never used anything but tap water.

    Note: As farknos pointed out above some detergents are corrosive so why take the risk?


    Melbourne weather or not, you still get bird poo on your car. You still get dirt and grime.

    Water will do if you are cheap. It's not very good lube so factory made windscreen washer liquid laced with plenty of surfactants will help lift off dirt and ensure that the wipers slide freely around your windscreen instead of scratching it. Buy it from any auto-store. Empty your tank, fill it with the right mix ratio, follow the instructions. If you believe that addictive causes corrosion, then add more water so it is further diluted. It's very simple nothing tricky here use common sense.


    Hi Guys..
    I ave bought this after a bit of research and thanks to all of you for your valuable suggestions…

    This concentrate is really good..

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