Best Travel Card for USA?

Hi everyone!

I'm travelling with my family in 3 weeks to the States, I was wondering if Citibank will (still) be the best option? I have the CBA travel card at the moment and the rates are not too shabby, but I just want to make sure that I am getting the best rates. I also have my Westpac savings card as well as credit card (which has international currency conversion fees, I literally do not want to use this or bring it along with me on my trip) and Qantas Frequent Flyer card available to use

Thanks in advance~



    Citibank is still good for a debit card and getting cash.
    Personally I think there are better options for overseas spend in the credit card range (anz adventure card and coles mastercard) as you can get points on your purchases. Depends also how long the trip is for (and how much you will spend) - our next trip will be 3mths which will mean quite a decent spend.. I'd prefer to get points on the spend to put towards business class flights on a future trip. 28degs/bankwest zero are still good fee free credit cards (I still hold the 28deg).


      I really don't want to apply for another credit card, as I am very wary of my current credit rating. Much prefer it if it was a card I could load with that currency or a savings card.


    You want to read the ozbargain credit card wiki page


    Citibank is fine.

    You might want a credit card for hotels


      I paid for the hotel in full already, I think hubby might bring his credit card with him. I fear that I might put a major dent in my mine so best to leave it home.

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