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Hisense Premium P9 75" Series 9 4K UHD Smart ULED TV $3995 (in Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for the high end model.

65" for $2495

Seems to be the lowest price according to Pricehipster

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  • Is there a quick comparison over the difference from this to a cheaper model?

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    for the exact price, you get a Sony 75" X90F from JB Hi Fi, how high end is this Chinese state-owned brand LCD TV?

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      Hisense is pretty high end now. P9 is their top end model. In saying that I've got a 65inch model, and I must say the colour is stunning!

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      75" Sony x90f was $3248 (including $150 EFTPOS giftcard) at Hardly Normal other day.

      Sony has been reviewed extensively by various tech sites and forums but you can't say the same about this TV.

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      Chinese state-owned brand

      Government owned businesses provide excellent products and services. Many people in Australia have been brainwashed into thinking that the Government is hopeless at everything by neoliberal fundamentalist idealogues that control our Government and media.

      It is usually the case that neoliberal economic theory predicts the opposite of reality.

      For example it preaches that privately owned businesses always provide higher quality than state owned enterprises (real world: Hisense is the opposite).

      The private sector is always cheaper because of competition (real world: do I need to remind anybody about the social and economic disaster that is privatisation in Australia). This stupid idea can be blown away in 10 seconds with simple logic and oh yeah history prior to 2007 that the ACCC refuses to acknowledge in any report ever because it contracicts their stupid economic theory. Seventy five percent of Australians did not want privatisation.

      It preaches that deregulation is always better than regulation and Government should leave business alone. Reality: President Clinton removed the banking regulations put in place to prevent a 1929 style total economic crash in 1998 and in a mere ten years the banking sector crashed the entire economy AND suddenly wanted Government to get very involved indeed by handing over billions of dollars to fix the private sectors failure.

      It preaches that taxing the rich and business leads to economic ruin. Reality: since 1945 the highest taxes on the rich and businesses are exactly aligned with the highest economic growth rates in history which only slowed down in the 1980s when the introduction of neoliberal economic theory into the economy occurred (implemented by Reagan, Thatcher and Keating).

      • State owned firms are also notoriously unfair to competition helped by govt subsidies and low interest loans with liberal return terms and not to mention financial bail outs in tough times using taxpayer's money.

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        Don’t want to get another Huawei, in this world there’s something call backdoor.

        • Let's not forget Samsung recording all conversations and sending them to the cloud….

  • I'd say dont be fooled by the numbers, 10 million local dimming zones, 10 billion refresh rate blah blah.
    I bought a top end TCL QLED TV last year and returned it a week later. It was unwatchable on free-to-air tv.
    now I know Hisense has better reputation than TCL but they have no business charging same price as sony and LG

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      TCL is absolute rubbish and should never be bought thinking it will even remotely compare to any other more established brand.

  • Is anyone having issues with the click and collect option?

    • In store only mate

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        Maybe I missed it but I didnt see that. The email I got didnt say in store only.
        All good I organised someone to grab me something.
        We cant all have Saturdays off right. Lol

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    Hisense has come along way and is regarded as a descent brand now. They gained. A lot of traction with bang for buck offerings that delivered good pq in the last couple of years, however for the same price you'd definitely go the Sony over this.

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    After 6 months researching 75" UHD smart TVs, I am very happy with my Panasonic 75FX780 which is available for under $3,500 delivered when eBay has a 20% off promotion. Specs here: https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions/premium-ul...

  • Seems very expensive for a Hisense?

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