Tyrrells Chips, Colgate Sensitive, Palmolive Shampoo $2 @ Reject Shop


Saw this in the catalogue. The chips are less than half price I’m sure and I’m pretty sure the Colgate pro relief is a really good price. Lots of $2 deals.

Sorry for format, posting from mobile.

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    The Tyrrell's sweet chilli and capsicum crisps are pretty much the best-tasting crisps I've ever had.

    (The Red Rock Deli red wine and Tuscan herbs were actually the best, but they stopped selling them)

    If you haven't tried these yet, "do yourself a favour"


    Check the expiry date for the Colgate tooth paste, could be short dated.

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      pretty sure there is none, coz toothpaste is best before? could be wrong, but usually its fine to use past BB, makes almost no difference unless its years out.


      just checked and got a few… made in thailand, pretty much identical to the ones that we get form coles, wollies etc.

      just got some from Eastland and use by date is 01/2021. So definitely not short dated.

      edit: Sorry, on the brochure also had the pro-relief ones $2 which is definitely a bargain, but the ones I could find on the shops are expiring in May 2019.

      thanks for the post OP. Was about to post this (Colgate) one but found this.

      thanks again.

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