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Intel Gaming Desktops with Core i5 9400 / Nvidia RTX 2070 $1119.20 or i7 8700 / RTX 2070 $1419 Delivered @ TechFast eBay


Hi all, last day of PUPGRADE today and we are able to acquire Intel CPUs for these deals. Lead time will be 2-3 weeks as per present build queue.

i5 9400 / RTX 2070 8GB / 8GB DDR 2400MHz / 120GB SSD / 550W PSU / B360 MB: $1119.20
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192838085588

i7 8700 / / RTX 2070 8GB / 8GB DDR 2400MHz / 120GB SSD / 750W PSU / B360 MB: $1419 (hits deal discount limit)
Link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/192838088053


Original 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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  • Good deal as usual.
    Just a word of warning to anyone buying these-
    If you want to run these rigs without bottlenecks, I would strongly recommend buying a set of 16gb RAM sticks (ideally 3000mhz +) as 8gb @2400mhz won't cut it these days IMO.

    I don't mean to rain on your parade Luke.

    • Was going to say the same. 8gb just isn't enough anymore. That said add another 8gb and happy days for the price

      • On the lower end rigs I'd say by all means just get another 2400 stick, but for a high end rig like this 2400mhz isn't doing it justice.

        At the end of the day it really depends what you're doing with the rig too.

    • Nope, adding 8GB to 8GB will do almost nothing when considering gaming alone and spending $250 on almost nothing is just silly.

      $250 on top of the 1070 price will almost get you to a 2080 which is where the bottleneck is unless you mean high FPS 1920x1080 (where adding more RAM will still do almost nothing but the CPU becomes the bottleneck).

      • 8gb compared to 16gb will do almost nothing you say? Strange I had 8 gb and got stutters in most games like bf v, far cry 5 and tomb raider. Once i changed to 16gb my games NO LONGER stuttered or had massive fps drops when gaming. 8 gb to 16gb is a massive improvement therefore in my eyes. Do note tho I swapped out the 2400 mhz to 3000 mhz so brand new set of ram.

        • that's a cool story, but how long is your piece of unladen sparrow string?

          Run your rigs and figure out if you have bottlenecks during your normal usage - then assess upgrade options.
          There are many resources/people online who are happy to help.

          • @Radar: It was obviously the ram since that's the only thing I swapped out.

            • @firsttimeuser7: You ran your rig and figured out your ram was the bottleneck. Yet apparently upgrading your ram was a waste of money. Makes sense doesn't it :/

          • @Radar: Perhaps you should read said resources before you tear down another persons post.

            • @fiend: OK will clarify. nothing wrong with fisttimeuser's conclusion that more RAM fixed his problem - great result.
              What is wrong is the blanket sentiment that 8GB is a bottleneck and doubling will provide value. We all have different gear, settings, usage patterns… YMMV

    • Did you have a single stick of 8GB RAM?

    • Doesn't Intel typically work fine with 2400 RAM?

      But yeah, definitely pick up an extra 8gb stick.

  • Is there a list of potential motherboards for the i5?


    Is it worth it $300 extra for i7 and 200w psu.

  • I bought the Ryzen 2600 one with the bundled monitor. Could I change to this instead?

  • Do these have good components or are we better just building from MSY?

  • MSY prebuilds will not be better, that ram they use has to be one of the worst! Not sure what techfast use for RAM…

  • Good builds at a great price, well done Techfast.

    Techfast should consider upping the RAM (quantity and quality) and Parts quality on a limited run of "Special edition" builds to allow those willing to spend a bit more to have more options.

    • +2 votes

      Good call, we will certainly have that functionality on our website (currently being upgraded).

      • You could even have a submit a build of the month program through your social media.

        Winner gets a discount voucher and you do a run of that build for the month, rinse and repeat :-).

  • $120 saving on the i5 9400 model. Techfast have done better previously

    20 Case: TechFast Leaper Pro RGB Case

    30   Power Supply: 550W Power Supply

    80   Motherboard: B360 Motherboard 

    290   Processor: Intel Core i5 9400 Quad Core Processor (2.9GHz - 4.1GHz TurboBoost)

    720   Graphics Card: Single NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Dedicated Graphics Card

    70   Memory: 8GB DDR4 RAM (1 x 8GB)

    30   Primary Drive: 120GB Solid State Drive
    1240 Total value
    1120 Cost
    120 Saving

  • looking at upgrading a new pc, currently running a 970 with a 4th gen i5. Is it worth getting a 1070 or 2070?
    benchmarks saying RTX 2070 is the way to go, especially when its potential?