New eBay Fixed Pricing "Rules"

Anyone notice the subtle change for fixed price listings? It's now set to until cancelled and can't choose the previously 3, 5, 7, 30 day time frame.

These listings renew every 30 days and thus from what I gather, you'll be charged fees for re-listing. For example, if you listed 100 items during some free promotion and don't receive one the following month, you'll automatically get charged the insertion price listings for the extra listings that aren't included as part of your monthly allocation (for me it's 40). I've also noticed that ebay sent out an email saying 7 days of no insertion fees which to me looks like my days of no final price fees are coming to a close :(

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    Just list items on the weekends.$1 final value fee is much better than 10%.

    Most of my listed items sold on the weekends anyway.


      Eventually they will take these away. It’s a sneaky scheme they’re running: get you to list heaps of items week after week for free, make good til cancelled mandatory, then take away the free listing promos. You’re stuck with hundreds of items that you either have to pay to relist every month or watch all that hard work you put in disappear, as inactive listings/drafts are deleted after 60 days.
      I know their tricks.

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    List them as gtc and end them manually beifre the next period kick in, or anytime earlier?


    They sent an email out telling us about this BS early February. I’m extremely pissed about it this change. Next they’re probably going to make easy pricing mandatory, or automatically accept lowball offers on your behalf. They’re really dropping the ball.
    I used to love selling on eBay, now it’s almost not worth it anymore.


      Something is going on as the other day I noticed half my listings suddenly now allow people to submit an offer….. I had to go in and change all my listings again. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Agree, this is a covert way of eBay to flip your listings at higher costs. It's no coincidence that it corresponds with what appears to be a winding down of free final value fees offers. The only way I can see to avoid is to manually end your items before they roll. Or list solely on weekends. Or give eBay the flick completely. As a casual seller at the moment, the return doesn't really justify the effort involved. It's getting harder and harder to sell all the time. These changes just add to the complexity.

    In my opinion, insertion fees should be abolished completely. People should have unlimited listings. Final value fees should be fixed.

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