What's The Best Way to Get a Nighthawk M1?

As of yesterday the Nighthawk M2 is available from Telstra stores and site

This is great news for people such as myself, who live a frugal distance from the bleeding edge, because it means now's probably a prime time for grabbing a discounted M1.

I've talked to a Telstra rep who mentioned that the M1 shows as out of stock, but contacting different stores individually might yield different results.

Does anyone knows how Telstra goes about coordinating offloading of their older devices? I'd really like to snag one, but I still reckon an outright price of ~350 is a bit much.


  • Ebay from china

    • What's the risk there? Is it exactly the same product? I saw one which looks like Australian stock (or at least ships from Australia) for $195, which seemed pretty reasonable.

  • I got mine from JB when it first came out, I guess you could try asking them too, doesn't appear to be on their website anymore though.

    • Really? I've never seen them on offer from JB in the year or so I've been looking to get one.

      • Yeah, it was probably in the first week or two they came out. It was on the website, but they weren't displayed on the shelf and he had to get one from the back and also some other guy came to try to sell me a data plan for it.

  • You'd have very luck getting one of eBay/gumtree/Facebook then waiting for Telstra to discount the M1

    • That's unfortunate. Is Telstra notorious for not selling old stock for a discount?

      • They do sell old stock for sale, but if you take the iPhone as an example, they only recently started selling the 6S at a discounted price

  • With cash.

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