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'Magic Circle' 10 watt Wireless Phone Charger + (50% off) AUD $63 + Free Shipping @ GiftJesus


“Magic Circle Charger” charging pad is pretty much like any other wireless charger in the market, but what separate this from the other is the aesthetic of it, which would definitely earn the approval of many “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood” fans.

Compatible with most mobile phones, fast and safe charging.
Unique design, super cool appearance, very magical and sci-fi colors.
Ultra-thin design, light weight, suitable for home and office use, easy to carry when traveling or traveling.
The Perfect Gift- The magical magic wireless charger that will surprise you and your friends.


Cell type : Polymer lithium ion battery
Applicable type : Universal type
Type of battery : Square aluminum shell
Shell material : plastic
Size: 50cm / 19.69inch
Power capacity : 10W (support fast charging)

Package include:

1 pc * Wireless Charger
1 pc * Data Line
1 pc * Wireless receiver(if your phone don't have wireless charging function, you need it.)
Please note: the wireless receiver has two power interface: type-c and iphone, so please choose the right type, tks!

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    I’m a full metal alchemist fan and I hate the look of this.
    Stick with a blitzwolf one for a quarter of the price

  • +5

    You can get it for $41 on AliExpress - here

    Edit: The design that they have seems to be this one; which is $17.

    • Yes, but does it play an dinky little tune when it starts charging that will have you chucking it in the bin after 2 weeks?

  • +1

    Good lord. Did you not even look on eBay before posting your post er… ad um… spam (that one worked.)

    Added to above poster. Cheaper elsewhere. I’m not going to post a link, because all you have to do it type in “magic wireless charger” and these types of things start around $15 posted.

    Lol @ $115USD normal price…

    • Yes but this one if from a place called GiftJesus?

      • -1

        Well, like most things Jesus related, it’s full of shit.

  • do you need a special phone to use this?

    • Only a Jesus approved phone will do.

  • +1
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