Need 60+ Cheap Data Sims, What's The Best Way?

Hi OzB brains-trust,

I'm organising a sports event in May - it's fairly low key but there will be 60+ competitors with the majority coming from overseas. I'd like to include a free local sim from any provider with a few GB of data, no calls/sms necessary but great if they're included, for about 5 days for each person.

Which means I need to buy them for cheap from somewhere, and need to make sure they're easy to activate without a payment means, EDIT: Fully expect them to still require ID such as passport to activate.

When I first thought of this I thought of something like these Kogan ones, but I've never done it myself so don't know what the activation process is.

Need 60 sims for cheap that:

  • have 5 days access
  • have 2+ GB data
  • no bank card needed for activation, and
  • can be activated either in-store with Telstra/Optus or easily online with another provider

Any suggestions from someone that has arranged something similar? What's the best provider for simple activation and no cc needed?



    Or provide a data source for their current phones? Wifi hotspot


      They'll be staying in various locations around the city, so would prefer they're able to communicate independently. We plan to have a WhatsApp group for the team managers etc

      At the venue we'll probably do a wifi hotspot - but we won't need to if we can get the data sims sorted

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        I don't think you can validate them without id, otherwise drug dealers would love them 😂

        Make sure the hotels have wifi and provide a hotspot at the venue, it's all you need to offer.

        I'm sure they'll arrange their own roaming anyway

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          Nah ID is cool as long as they can use passports etc, just didn't want any requirement of having to use a credit card in case they get billed after they leave etc. Wanted a true pre-paid arrangement

          Countries coming are from SEA and lower socio-economic so trying to make it as affordable/comfortable for them as possible

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    I fully understand your reasoning for this but it sounds like a good way to end up on a Federal Police watchlist.


      I think quite a few of us would be on this honourable list thanks to Kogan and Catch Connect :)

      Saying that, "working holiday starter pack" companies have been doing this for years. The only change I know of was in 2016 where your visa number is now only valid upon arrival (so these companies claim to validate a few hours after arrival…don't know what they do at 4 am…).


    Kogan requires a debit/credit card so that is out -

    Here are the requirements for verifying ID I would doubt anywhere would be set up to verify a foreign passport online, I would imagine you are going to end up having to choose from places that have a storefront.

    It is a pretty uncommon request, maybe just contact the telcos that have a store near your event, and ask them if they could do you a deal to sell you the sim cards in bulk, and point your visitors to that store to activate the sim.


      Great, thanks for that link - gives me the concrete info required.

      Will try going to ye olde brick and mortar Telstra/Optus and see what they can offer - I'm betting it's not going to be great though!


    Vodafone does verification using foreign passports. They do not require a credit card for prepaid services. The only catch is that verification using foreign passport only works after arrival. Get discounted prepaid sims and hand it out to the competitors on arrival and they can self register…


    how about contacting some of the smaller providers first to see how they could assist ?. junee, belong, etc?


    I'd go straight to Optus or Telstra Enterprise. Ask them about their M2M (machine to machine) options.

    Dunno about potential ID issues or lead times or any other hoops (e.g. you're only using these SIMs for 'temporary mobile outdoor advertising'!) to avoid potential ID traps and the like. Nor do I know anything about contract lengths or data allowances etc - although I'd assume M2M SIMs all bundle together with unified billing and a management portal etc.


    Cheap prepaid sims here if you're still looking. Activate online, don't need credit card, just some id