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Osram 10.5W 1060lm Warm White LED Globe - 3 Pack $12.95 @ Bunnings


Hey folks these Osram light bulbs are a great price works out to be $4.31 per 1060 lumen 2700K bulb. What is even better than the price? The heat sinking! These bulbs bulbs are built good they offer plenty of heat sinking. These bulbs can be bought in either warm or cold white and E27 base and B22D base are available.
They are on the larger side so they may not fit all applications. Id rate these bulbs over Phillips any day.

Totally unrelated but Bunnings is also selling these not cheap but they are bright 3240 lumen.

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    Thanks , will get some.

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    thanks, found my Philips led ones are not as bright after a few months, i have no idea why, may try this one

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      Hey mate yea same they tend to over heat and stepdown brightness. After time the over heating causes output loses. I have a 1500 lumen phillips bulb in the kitchen on hot nights its output drops almost half might sit at around 900-1000 lumens (tested it using my lux meter). Definitely a light weight bulb also very small and compact. Could also be an issue with the compact size adding heat from the driver.

      I have an Aldi bulb in the room same output weights like 5 times as much also longer and wider and it doesn't stepdown when hot.

      Heatsinking can only go so far so its possible for both bulbs to reach a thermal max. The bulb with the better heatsinking will take longer and have a better chance of cooling down before the LEDs over heat and sustain damage.


        thanks, guess i need new light bulbs again, just replaced all mine with LED ones


          Just be aware that LED Globes/Bulbs are NOT suited to enclosed light fittings due to the obvious issues with heat dissipation.


    unrelated really, but in the photo the bulb on the left has a short pin, photoshopping mistake.


    Keep an eye out for lots of cheap Osram stuff. It's up for sale.


      @Zandz, They already spun off their general lighting to LEDVANCE:
      "The OSRAM brand with its historic picture mark as a symbol for our traditional lighting business is licensed to LEDVANCE GmbH for selected product categories in the area of general lighting."

      & @ https://www.osram-lamps.com/company/about-ledvance/:
      "LEDVANCE Emerged from the general lighting business of OSRAM, the company is now owned by Chinese lighting company MLS Co., LTD. (MLS)"

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        Wow where you been hiding George? Have not seen you here or BLF? People are asking about you on BLF. Everything okay?


          @aussieprepper, Great to see you, sometimes we are unable to do things we enjoy due to unexpected events, but Hopefully, I will
          soon once again visit my Greatly enjoyed BLF :)


    Thanks OP.

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