Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs Huawei P20 Pro


Need to get a new phone as my Samsung s7 died and I'm currently using my backup Moto G3 (bless him)

I'm looking around at options and I've narrowed it down to these two.

They are the perfect size for me, not a big fan of the 9+ or Mate 20 Pro size.

Pros for S9: I don't mind Samsung phones, my s7 was great - Reviews seem pretty good
Cons for S9: battery life, camera not as good as 9+

Pros for P20 Pro: great camera, great battery life
Cons: Huawei support (?), UI not as smooth as the Samsung one (at least from reviews I've read), heats up

Thoughts? Keen to hear other options around the same price mark (so no Samsung s10) and size


EDIT: Please specify in the comment if you choose Other

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    Wait for the global mi 9 if you can. They are now 100% compatible with Australia lte bands, nfc, sd 855 and has a Samsung AMOLED screen. The camera also reviews pretty well. The only thing missing is headphone jack. At 449 euro rrp it is probably about the same price as s9 or p20 pro.


    S9 for me, Huawei EMUI is really bad, not really responsive and cheap UI color palette, and chance to have faulty screen higher than Samsung. Been using Samsung OneUI for awhile, quite impressive. Or if you prefer in-screen fingerprint, P20 is great, but i'm satisfied with Iris Scanner on Samsung.
    Xiaomi is a good alternative, but warranty and support is not really a thing.


      Can't you just put Nova Launcher on?

      Surely it can't be that bad to prefer Samsung over Huawei just for that?


        it's not just the launcher, the notification, settings, default app (Gallery, Phone) are not as snappy as it should be. plus, EMUI aggressively kills background app (save battery, ofc), and for some 'smart' reason, Spotify, Google Photo backup, Browser downloader are all killed and no real solution to turn that off unless you root your phone (means no more Google Pay. really annoying.


    I went from an S8 to a P20 pro as the battery drain seemed quick on the S8 (P20 it's a larger battery), the stupid curve. glass edge kept reading my fat opposable base and the P20 seemed to have the better camera.

    The missus has an S9, and it seems that it has similar issues for me.


    S9 as it has everything from the s7. The headjack included as well.

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      Yeh I've got only bluetooth headphones, can't even remember last time I used the headphone jack in my s7 tbh

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