NYC accommodation - where to book so it's not costing me a fortune

Where do everyone book their accommodation (area wise and website) when they travel to New york city? I just looked at and nothing under $400 and still a shoe box… Would prefer a serviced apartment style and close to transport and amenities (doesn't need to be Time square although that would be ideal, happy to uber or take trains if it's next suburb). TIA.

I looked at air bnb already and I heard it's actually banned in NYC so not sure whether I should go down that path.

We have 3 adults and one 5yo travelling end of June for 6 nights.


  • Manhattan is ridiculously expensive, there’s no getting around it.


    try the marriot sheraton

    doesn't seem that expensive according to trivago

  • Can you provide more information?

    What dates?

    How many people?


    New York is expensive so expect to pay a bit. You won't be in the room so I wouldn't worry about it being a shoebox. It will be somewhere to crash at night. Just make sure you are near a subway station. I would stay somewhere like SoHo and completely away from Times Square.

    I just use and always fine decent prices. You aren't going to find $150 a night or even $200. It will be in the $275-350 range. That is the reality. There are places that are decent but PLEASE READ REVIEWS before booking. No point saving $150 a night if it is a shit hole and you are a 20 minute walk from a subway station.

  • We have stayed at the Radio City Apartments a couple of times; not the flashiest accommodation but it is reasonably priced and close to Times Square.

  • airbnb brooklyn

  • New jersey? Think airbnb legal there

  • We stayed Airbnb in Jamaica. A bit far…. Took a lot of time going to Manhattan using the trains,but it was super cheap and all amenities were nearby.

    Brooklyn would be nicer, a lot nicer, though.

  • New Jersey.

  • You may need to stay in the boroughs. I would avoid the Times Square area if you can. Plenty of other districts and it's not hard to get around. I prefer somewhere mid-town.

  • NY is expensive! But also fun.
    If you stay longer might work out cheaper.
    Back in 2015, we decided to book direct with hotels, no middle agent.
    We found this hotel, stayed for 5 nights. Super convenient, walk most days an night.
    It's important that we can walk at night, so that we can enjoy the hussle and bustle at nihgt, without worrying about transport.
    Room is super super small, but funky and practical.

    Name is ROW NYC. I just checked, rooms are cheap. Looks like they have 30% discount now.

    Disclaimer: This was 4 years ago. Do check the current situation.

    P/s- It sucks with the exchange rate now, much better time when we were there. Sorry OP!

    • when I first went in 2012, our dollor is higher that USD!! I checked their website already, it's close to USD$330 after adding all taxes… that hurts

  • Just booked for The Marmara in Manhattan for July after airbnb cancelled our booking. Price seems okay compared to the rest of hotels in NYC where all of them add on daily access fee (similar to resort fee)


    Hilton Long Island, about $2200 for 3 adults + 1 child (~360/night). Nice big room.

    100m from 39 Av Station (6 stops to Times square on the N&W line). Is a fully serviced apartment with kitchen so you save money there if you can cook your own meals for a night or two. Has a good included breakfast as well.

    • How long is the subway ride?? Sounds great!!

      • less than 20mins door to door,+39-06+30th+St,+Long+Island+City,+NY+11101,+USA/@40.7593722,-73.969987,14.5z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c25855c6480299:0x55194ec5a1ae072e!2m2!1d-73.985131!2d40.758895!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c2592ce2915d19:0x753b94c3296f097c!2m2!1d-73.9340938!2d40.7530183!3e3

        the hotel also has a coin laundry in the basement (from memory it was $1 to use) which will save you money and if for whatever reason you need one, a small gym.

        • Thank you so so much!! I looked it up and they only have one king bed so it's not good for us (we need 2 beds). However I found another hotel which is only mins away and even cheaper with brekky too!! you literally saved me a couple of thousands here, my hat down for you :)

  • I always stay in Long Island City.

    A couple of subway stops to Manhattan.

    (Although the Ramada is a bit rough imo).

  • Have just been through this exercise, couple of Seniors.For September.
    We chose Brooklyn, an Air BNB Apartment 750 sqft, 12 nights, $au 2400 . They are NOT all illegal, ask before you book.

    Jersey would be cheaper I think, you would need to be near a PATH train station.

    Long Is is another good economical option.

    3 months out, you will likely find many Apartments are booked.

    Lots of other Apt booking sites. VRBO, Homeaway/Stayz.

    • how do you know they are legal? Apparently they all say they are but they are actually not…. I am just concerned that air BNB will cancel last minute and it will leave me no choice or very expensive choice only.

  • Any accom tips for mid May for maybe 4 nights. Just 2 of us. Cheers.

    • go to long island city, I just booked for late June, price is half of what you pay in Time Square and breakfast included!!

      • What hotel in long Island city? With breakfast? Hoping prices in May should be pretty good.

        • look up fairfield and microtel.

          • @easoweno: We ended up booking the Vue hotel in Long Island City. $189US per night including a decent breakfast (cereals, yoghurt, coffee, juice, fruit, make your own hot waffle machine, bacon, boiled and scrambled eggs, toast and pastries). <100m walk to the F line (Subway into Manhattan) takes minutes). We were upgraded to the 10th floor facing Manhattan skyline. No noise, very quiet.

            Cons. The room was very small (but I guess they all are and we had a king bed). Breakfast area is small, so time your run. The Queensbridge subway station was a little sketchy around 11pm+, but hey it's NYC. No worse than Aussie stations TBH..and it was $1000AUD for 3 nights (having come from an RV around Canada for 10 nights, plus skiing at whistler for $900 all up!). But that's NYC.

            Cheers for the long island area tip. Next time would probably look at the West side of central park area (ensuite hostel room). Close to the action, but not super loud like central Manhattan. Glad we didnt book in the middle.

            Cheers again.

  • Try St Marks Hotel in Manhattan (Barcade right next door!). Otherwise, stay further out and take the subway

  • I didn't have any problems with Airbnb. Usually I choose people that are called superhosts on Airbnb and read reviews about their accommodations carefully. If so you will see something like this room: It looks good for me. You may use filters per your requirements.
    I see that someone recommends Vrbo. I didn't use it and actually I am not sure that they could be trusted. Too many contradictory reviews ( were found in the Web.