Dell deals Alienware 15 R3 vs Dell G5 15

Hi fellow ozbargains,

Would like to seek your advice between these two laptops Alienware 15 r3 and G5 15.



The Alienware has 7700HQ (7th gen), slightly faster 1tb hardisk at 7200rpm, 1070 (better graphics) and 16gb ram. Instead the G5 has faster 8300h (8th gen), 8gb ram and 1060.

The alienware does have a better keyboard, rgb lighting, premium warranty and better screen as welL?

Is the alienware worth the extra money? if i gotten the g5, i would upgrade the ram to 16gb payign extra 170 bucks,so at the end of the day the price difference then is actually about 270 bucks only after upgrading the g5 rams.

Would like to hear your opinions.

Thankn you.


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    Is the alienware worth the extra money?

    Yes, better CPU, RAM, GPU and body (subjective). Rip out the 1TB in either one and replace with SSD.

    • hi Hybroid thanks for the advice!

      I thought 8300h processor is newer and faster?

      Do alienware generally use better parts?

      • You're right about the processor, I though the i5 was dual core not quad core. Difference is about 10% which would be negligible in real world so they're about the same. However the GPU is a significant upgrade (1070 approx 40% better).

        Alienware parts are essentially same as Dell. Higher spec but not necessarily better quality. It's all OEM anyway.

    • It has a 128GB ssd for the booting off so an SSD is not even necessary.

      • Don't quite agree. There's no reason to have a physical drive in a mobile laptop anymore that's likely moved around and hence increase chance of damage, corruption and shorter life span. Also much better battery life.

        Also, most applications that require that size storage i.e. games or video editing etc would benefit drastically from an SSD upgrade. If you're only storing downloaded movies then fair enough, it might suffice, but still would be better to upgrade.

        500GB SSDs are around $100 and he's saving 20% off the laptop price already. Grab an external enclosure for the 1TB and use it as a backup device.

        • Ah thanks Hybroid for the info.

          I read online that it has one standard 2.5" and 3 other ports for hardisk.

          I guess i could install them in :D

          So you believe i should go for the alienware as its only about 270 more than the g5 (after installing 16gb ram on it)?

          Thank you

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    The CPU's are about the same, 8th Gen i5 ~ 7th Gen i7
    Double the RAM in the Alienware.
    Notably better GPU.
    Better screen.
    Same storage configuration.
    The build quality is also better on Alienware.
    The only real advantage the G5 has over the Alienware is weight, 2.65KG vs 3.49KG.

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