Alternatives to Vodafone 365plus + $5 for 500MB Add-on

365 Plus is no longer available for recharge hence I can no longer purchase any add-on.

I have to move across to the $40 Pay 'n' Go which gives me 365 days (previously $10); then I can purchase the data add-on for $5/month.

Is there any plan out there comparable to the old $10 per year + $5 per month

Any input will be much appreciated. TIA !


  • So youre spending $70 (10+5*12) an year for no call inclusions and 500 mb data each month.

    Though I dont know of anything at that pricepoint, Aldi has a $95 plan that gives you 24 GB to use over an year, no call inclusions (you can add credit for calls and messages). The other option from Aldi is to get the $99 recharge kit that has call inclusions and 12 GB of data for the year.

    So if you're willing to spend $29 more ($2.5 a month), you can get a lot more as shown above.

    ps.: your plan was with vodafone, this is the telstra network.

  • dang, so it's now $40 instead of $10 for 365 and they doubled the 2c/mb payg data to 4c.

    aldi has $15 recharge for 365 and 5c/mb payg data but add-on data pack not cheap enough

  • Buy 6 of the optus $10 Simcards from Coles (6 x 35gb) = 210gb for $60 which covers 168days

    see here

    or here $9

    then buy 7 of the telstra $10 Simcard from Woolies (6 x 27gb) = 189gb for 196days

    TOTAL COST: $130 a year including 399GB DATA and 364days access

  • im also looking for the cheapest way to have mobile number active for a year. dont need lots of data. unlimited local calls would be perfect.

  • This is a very timely post as I too am looking very hard to find a 500mb-1gb per month prepaid plan at $5 per month ideally but I don't think it exists anymore. The research I have been doing shows many plans are $10 per month 1gb data with unlimited calls and SMS's which is $120 per year, happy to be proven wrong. It is $50 more than what we were paying Vodafone a year, it's a significant increase almost double the price. Most of the competition that are competing on the lowest price point starting at $10 per month.

    We had a great deal with Voda for $10 per year to keep the number active and $5 per month data addon or $70 per year.

    The $99 Aldi deal would be the cheapest. Vodafone even with its new prepaid plans is still pretty close in price in comparison to Aldi. $100 Voda vs $99 Aldi per year. Is it worth porting away to Aldi to save a $1 a year? Probably not.

    You'd think data is getting cheaper as mobiles continue to be more popular as landlines are disconnected but not the case. You'd think there'd be more 500mb per month plans coming out for $5 per month but nope 👎 unfortunately.

    The way I see it Vodafone works out to be $8.30 per month $40 yearly fee & 12 x $5 = $60 data addon for $100. If you isolate $8.30 per month and compare other monthly plans Moose Mobile @ $8.80 per month comes close but is 50c dearer per month at $105.60 per year but you get 1gb vs 500mb Voda data for an extra $5.60 a year, that's pretty good.

    In a nutshell prepaid mobile plans are at their cheapest @ $99 per year with Aldi. Most plans are targeting the $10 per month 1gb data combo with unlimited calls & SMS's for $120 per year. Moose Mobile is $105.60 per year 1gb data but 200 minute calls (not unlimited). That isn't a problem if you're mainly using Facebook Messenger/Viber/WhatsApp for calls and messages as it doesn't use much data. If you got iMessage it costs nothing to send an SMS it just uses data which is bugger all.

    If anybody can find anything better please post anything you can find!

  • Yep but like I said if you pay an extra $5.60 a year switching to Moose Mobile you get double the data 1gb instead of 500mb.

    Aldi is $99 per year, you get 12gb to use for a whole year though so you have to be very careful with how you use the data to not use up 12gb in a month!! Having said that as long as you use 500mb or less per month it'll last you the full 12 months no worries. It works out to be effectively 1gb per month with unlimited calls and SMS. $99 / 12 months works out to be $8.25 per month with 365 day expiry as long as you don't use more than 12gbs.

    If you compare it like that it works out as follows:

    • ALDI Mobile $99 per year (12gb works out to be 1gb per month & unlimited calls & SMS) for $8.25 per month
    • Voda works out to be $8.30 per month (500mb) but calls are not unlimited by gets deducted from the $40 you pay
    • Moose Mobile $8.80 per month (1gb per month with 200 minute calls)

    Very close difference in price but Aldi is the best option for us. I have this month and next month to use my credit then I'm switching to Aldi, unless of course something better comes up!

    • Great analysis, man. Appreciate it.

      • No worries man! I been researching for almost two months now for a new provider since I couldn't top up the data with Voda then I realised thanks to the Whirlpool website that Voda cancelled the plan forcing you to upgrade to the new Pay As You Go plan in order to top up the 500mb data addon.

        • ALDI may not be so good as for some stupid reason they artificially limit supply to their $99 plan, see below.

          1 Year Super Pack - limited / no stock
          There are a limited number of the 1 Year Super Packs available in store. If your store has run out of the pack, you can try to go to another store.

          That is unacceptable to me. If i want to renew I should be able to do it like we do with other telcos.

          This is a very shady business practice. You just open their app and auto renew you have to go to a store and compete with others for limited stock when they decide to sell it again, unbelievable so IMO forget ALDI, they're ridiculous.