expired [PS4] Grand Theft Auto V $17.95 @ PlayStation Store


Pretty sure this is the lowest it's ever been for the PS4 via the PlayStation store.

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    patiently waits for it to go sub $10….on pc that is


    I paid $23 2 days ago and it was already like 70% off then… they lowered it further? damn. ah well no big loss. I own it on PS3/PC and now PS4.
    EDIT: Actually I think the one I got for $23 was the "premium online edition" which has expired.

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      So this is how it went for me.
      I found out that GTA V was on sale 20ish. My ozbargain senses told me that this is the moment “now or never”.
      However, there were few “editions” available. Base, premium online, shark cards bla bla bla.
      I put Sheldon’s thinking hat on, took out my dusty old abacus and started fingering out the best deal out of these “editions”. One was 23ish, another one was 26ish, another was 27ish an MUCH MORE.
      A momemt later (in deep voice)
      I bought the one with 23ish and was so happy to save one or two gold coins on top of discounts and still get some extra goodies.
      And now that I am orbargained with 17ish, damn all hell broke loose.
      Suddenly realizing that I have no idea what that “Premium Online” thingy is, neither I know what that “Criminal Enterprise” stuff does nor that some kind of shark card is used for. I barely understand why i should pay extra real dollars for this virtual real estate online anyways.
      Should have waited gor this 17ish one. Damn.

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    Thanks for posting this. I have been looking for a good price on the digital version.


    If anyone is struggling to download this that has the game on disc; I had to buy the digital game, then insert the disc briefly before it would allow me to download it. Before that it just wouldn't download.


    In the end I needed to delete my previous GTAV game from the PS4, 72GB, and download it again. The disc thing above didn't work.