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Audio Technica Turntables AT-LP120 $416.50, AT-LP3 $300.30, AT-LP60 $174.30 @ JB Hi-Fi


Really good deals on Audio Technica Turntables for those interested - this post is aimed at beginners
This is close to as low as each of these have gotten in recent times, and the lowest for the LP3, a relatively new release

LP60 - - $174.30
LP3 - - $300.30
LP120 - - $416.50

Am going to try skirt around the usual commentary on what constitutes a "good" or "acceptable" turntable other than to summarise (for those looking to foray into vinyl):

Audio Technica are the largest and generally well regarded "mainstream" producer of vinyl equipment (eg. turntables, cartridges, styluses)

These three turntables are as highly featured as you can get at that price point (eg. automatic, inbuilt phono stage), however each has its drawbacks and issues, as you would expect for items built to realistic prices. Please research these units and issues further online if you're interested.

LP60 - real plug and play unit. full automatic with phono amp & USB output. no adjustments or modifications necessary (or possible). will work acceptably and sound acceptable to most people. however, has a slightly high FIXED tracking force of 3 grams, which cannot be adjusted, and which can result in premature wear of records (if you play them alot). So not for rare, valuable or sentimental prints.
Based on the Hanpin FU-700, as is almost every rebranded "branded" automatic turntable at this pricepoint.

LP3 - full automatic unit with phono amp, but with a better quality cartridge and stylus. overall much nicer more robust build than the LP60. And has the required knobs to adjust tonearm, calibrate spindle speed etc. Also allows you too upgrade and change stylus/cartridges in the future if you're into that.

LP120 - copy of Technics SL1200. Inbuilt phono amp and USB output, but not automatic. Much is written on this unit, I won't be able to summarise. Suffices to say, if you're considering this unit, you should probably be doing more research than I'm writing down here.

To preemptively answer the questions/comments regarding the popular enthusiast alternatives (Project, Orbit, Rega, UTurn) - yes there are much better record players out there, but not at these pricepoints when you consider features important for beginners, such as automatic (probably best for beginners and ease of use) and inbuilt phono stages (again, not necessary, but a separate phono amp is approx. $100 -

But again, people considering such enthusiast and customisable models will have done their research elsewhere and won't be taking audio advice on ozbargain.
So for the person who isn't going to do that, the LP60/LP3 is a relatively easy to recommend choice.

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    Well written post, good to not get into some argument of minor semantics as often happens with turntable posts on OzB!

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    The LP3 is an excellent "In the middle" turntable. I have one currently after upgrading from the LP60 and its well worth the extra $$$.
    I find the LP3 has all the features I would want off the LP120 and is automatic which is a big plus, since if I'm making dinner with a vinyl on I don't have to run over and quickly pick the needle up at the end of every record.
    So +1 from me on the LP3.

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      For the record (pun intended), I went with the LP3 too.
      All the essential features, good enough quality for a mere audio mortal, with automatic convenience. And omg that red headshell! :P


    Thank you. A very informative post.

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