TV Dilemma. No Idea Which to Choose! (LG V Samsung)

Hi. Noob here.. Which should I choose?

LG 75UK6500PTB 75"(189cm) UHD LED LCD AI Smart TV


Samsung UA75NU7100WXXY 75"(190cm) UHD LED LCD Smart TV

Price is the same

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  • Look at rtings and compare.

    FWIW LG's LCD sets seem to have a poor reputation.

    • Yeah, site says that samsung wins. Main(only?) reason for LG would be if you need wider viewing angles.
      I'd say try the samsung nu8000 if it wasnt almost DOUBLE the price at that size.

  • Go look at Samsung QLED line

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    Pay a few hundred dollars more and get the Hisense equivalent. 200 motion rate vs 100 or 120 on the Samsung/LG. If only an option between those two, the Samsung.

  • 7100 Samsung is the best of the two but personally & for a screen that big I'd go for the Hisense P7 or send a little more for the even better Samsung NU8000. Both great TVs.

    Now is the golden hour of the year to buy TVs with 2019 coming v.soon.
    I got the P7 55 yesterday for $895.

  • This is where branding comes into play. Personally my experience with LG stuff has been mixed. Samsung seems to be more reliable in terms of quality and after sales service (which if you're buying anything that runs on electricity these days you absolutely need)

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