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Nutribullet N9C-0907 Select 1000W Blender $127.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


I've been keeping my eye out for a good price on this one and this seems to be the lowest price it's been.

It has a good range of cups/lids and a recipe book. Also has a dial with multiple settings instead of the standard twist to start function on the regular Nutribullet. The pitcher that is included can also be loaded from the top whilst attached to the base like a traditional blender.

Standard price seems to be $199 at most stores, sometimes will get down to $159 or $149 at bing lee.

For those interested there's a HSN video showing what you can do with the different functions of this blender. youtube link

Some other good blender prices for those interested (all free C&C)

NUTRIBULLET NB9-0507 900W PRO 5 Piece: $71.30 - Link

NUTRIBULLET N10-0907DG 1000W Series 9 Piece Set: $100 - Link

NEW NUTRIBULLET N12-1207 1200W Series 12 Piece Set: $127.20 <:: Also great deal, extra 200W however I prefer having the extra functions and small cup - Link

BL450NZ Nutri Ninja Pro 900W: $71.20 - Link

Original PGUYS20 20% off Storewide at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • Cheaper at TGG Commercial if you've got access.

    Good price nonetheless. Thanks OP!

    • This is a different model :) not the select. It comes with less accessories and no variable speed or extra functions. The one you linked I have posted in the description for only $100!

      • You're right, my bad. Thanks OP

        • No problem at all, we're only human ^^

  • The wife wants a red KitchenAid blender to match her mixer. Would this be a much better option?

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      After a quick glance the kitchen aid blender seems to have great reviews. I think it depends what you want it for as to which option is better. bullet blenders are convenient, very quick at blending, easy to clean and great for things like smoothies and nut butters etc. I love that I can chuck some ingredients in and make a smoothie, pop the lid on and take it to work. They can usually make a smoother consistency than a standard blender.

      A standard blender like the kitchenaid is more of an all rounder and can hold a lot more inside, will have more settings etc. You will be able to use it for a larger range of applications but it probably couldn't pulverize things like seeds as fine as the nutribullet.

      If she has her heart set on the kitchenaid blender though, i'd just make her happy tbh. If you -only- want it for convenient smoothie making then i'd be thinking about a bullet blender. A very high end blender could do both as well but you'd be looking at a vitamix or similar which are very expensive.

      • Thanks for the great reply!

        • No problem at all!

      • Definitely agree! These are perfect for smoothie making because they're compact, easy to clean and quick to use. Not to mention you can screw a lid straight on to the container. If you're looking for a more robust kitchen appliance to do a lot of different stuff then a full scale blender is what you need.

  • Good for smoothies, I wouldn’t buy one for vege juice.

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      Agreed, they are designed to pulverize the entire fruit/vegetable which will create a much thicker texture than a juicer which is designed to extract the juice from the fruit/vegetable and separate the pulp/fiber. (You may know this already, just responding so others can understand the difference too)

      • +2

        so this is healthier ?

        • Yep

        • Definitely - you're getting a colon full of extra fiber! Frozen berries, banana, soaked oats and milk makes a nice easy breakfast smoothie. I use the vanilla flavoured Isowhey too so I can get some extra protein and stay fuller for longer. Saves time being able to have breakfast on the way to work!

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    additional savings if you have YOUI Rewards = 6% off TGG giftcards

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    Thanks, I picked up the 1200W one. 1000W wasn't in stock and I'd rather the extra 200W + bigger cups.

    I only need one setting - smush it!

  • FYI Costco have this for $129.98 til the 17th March but it comes with a couple of extra pieces. Catalogue is here

    I know it's a touch more expensive (and membership needed) but thought it might be worth it if you're already a Costco-goer.

    I got one the other week and it's pretty good so far. It's mostly the same as any other high powered nutribullet but the convenience of being able to toggle it on and off with a button instead of needing to lock/unlock the container is nifty. Also has a more robust blade configuration compared to our last one.

    • Its actually the same as good guys so its $2 cheaper. I went to check since I was interested but still on the fence of which version/kit to choose.

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