Lifehacker’s 2011 Australian Airport Public Transport Guide

Lifehacker has got a great guide to getting to your major capitol city's airport. I can only speak for Melbourne and there's a couple of things that should be added.

Never tried taking the public bus. Anyone every tried this?

Taxi- Usually around $50 from the city, so if you have 2+ people it's probably cheaper doing this.

Airport Shuttle-These are quite big in the US. Have taken SuperShuttle at a number of US airports. Googling around leads me to $16pp pickup from city and nearby suburbs.

Can't remember where I heard this tip but if you want to short term park for the day, you can try parking in the McDonald's parking lot.



    Creeps whilst travelling, crossing line?

    Just putting it out there
    I've personally never had any creep-y experiences with public transport(bus)


    Sydney has the train, which for 1 person is convenient and relatively cheap, over two its often better with a taxi. $15 from Central

    There is also the public bus

    Also a shuttle for $13 online booking

    Bus route 400 connects the airport with Bondi Junction station. This bus costs $4.80, which is the cheapest way to and from the airport and is handy if you’re staying in the Eastern Suburbs Bondi area. It also goes to Burwood via the Airport (Bondi/Airport/Burwood and return) Roughly every 20 minutes


      Sydney has the train

      I would NOT take a cityrail (a.k.a. shittyrail) train if it was for catching a flight =\


    you can try parking in the McDonald's parking lot.

    no u better off try hilton's as there is time limit. time limit at maccas is 30mins. and its always someone there to check..

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    there are actually quite a few ways to get to/from Melbourne airport with Public Transport (tram/train and bus combinations)

    but after doing so 5-6 times my advice is don't its not worth the extra time (unless you happen to get there very close to the time the buses are, or you get free public transport)

    One of the big issues is that all the commercial providers use the same bays so you have to be very eagle eyed to spot the public bus and it seems to have a mind of its own about when and if it will turn up

    this is a very useful guide


      Good link Natt. DB's blog is great. He was just on TV talking about the new changes to the train schedule.


    The public bus now goes directly to the airport. It is not hard at all and you can use the same ticket for the train and the bus. I guess the biggest downfall is timing it, you may have to wait awhile whereas with the more expensive airport bus it is very frequent. But if you spend a bit of time researching your options you should have no problems at all.


      I've taken the the buses that service Melbourne Airport.
      Easiest way is to get the train down the broameadows line (cafeful not to get stabbed! ahahaha).
      From there you can get off at moonee ponds and get the 478.
      Or go all the way to broady station and get the 901 which is more frequent and runs later times.


        Oh yeah the Maccas parking lot is nearly always full. If you're picking someone up from the airport however Maccas car park is an ideal stop until they pick up their bags and call you. From their just pick them up at the terminal and you won't even need to pay short term parking especially if you don't know what time their flight is arriving.

        metlink journey planner is actually quite useful. Just untick 'skybus' and it will let you plan your journey quite easily.

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