Corelle Dinner Set 16 Piece $35 @ Woolworths (in-Store)


CORELLE® dinnerware is the original break and chip resistant glass dinnerware. Functional and versatile, our Winter Frost White collection is a fundamental basic, perfect in its simplicity, and pure in its form. Made using unique Vitrelle 3-layer glass technology for extra strength Chip and break resistant for extra durability Dishwasher for greater convenience Microwave and pre-heated oven safe Set includes; 4 dinner plates, 4 bread & butter plates, 4 soup/cereal bowls, 4 white stoneware mugs

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    ? unavailable already?


    Crikey, you had to be quick to get that one.


    Funnily enough I was looking for Corelle yesterday and Woolworths was showing unavailable even then. When was this meant to have gone on sale?


      Big w stock these, I've seen a few sales in the last few years. Check them out.


    If looking for Corelle stuff it is worth looking at their DFO stores, they often have good discounts on these and, also, Pyrex, Oxo, and baking products.

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    Australia now gets the same crap Corelle as America which is totally different to the quality stuff that used to be sold in Australia,Europe still gets the better quality stuff which is made in a different location using different material.It's worth reading these reviews before purchasing Corelle.Also the mugs in dinner set listed above are made in China and will get black marks around the inside when they get scrapped by spoons even if you run a spoon around the out side it will blacken after awhile.


    My mum had a corelle set (still does) and it's nearly 40 years old for everyday use. She stioll has those brown glasses and cups also.

    All made in the USA.

    I assume this is made in China.


    i get "Sorry, temporarily unavailable."

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    CORELLE® dinnerware is the original break and chip resistant glass dinnerware. IT IS NOT. It used to be but not anymore. I dropped a dish and it shattered into fine shards all over the floor. I stepped on a shard that became embedded in my sole and went to Hospital Emergency. Doctors could barely find the shard it was so small and had entered deeply. It took them ages to extract it and gave me huge pain in doing so. It is a dangerous product that should not be on the market. Please see the review link that was previously posted by coin saver. If you have children these are even more dangerous.

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      If you drop any china plate on the floor it might shatter, and it might do so in small shards, Coredle is break resistant not break proof. The first rule of broken crockery is back out and put shoes on before dealing with it. I’ve owned Corelli plates for nearly 40 years and have only lost a handful of items to breakage, I’ve never had an injury from them. By your logic every glass, plate, ornament should be taken off the market because they might break into small shards. I’ve never been injured by my Corelle plates but I’ve certainly had injuries from broken glass. .

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