Need a Tool to Annotate Videos

Hi Guys, First of all thanks in advance for any useful input i would get.

I was experiencing a bug in an app and wanted to report to the developer. Try taking screen recording on iphone, but when thought of annotating it like we do images all the time and i know 100 of free apps, or browser based apps for annotating images or screen shots, but found no useful app so far to annotate a video.

Tried imovie on iphone but max you can add filters, text or can Trim the clip. But you cannot draw a line, or free line, or free text on screen, you cannot split the clip in multiple clips and then delete the unwanted and re-merge the clips in phone however i know you can do that on mac version of imovie but you still cannot do free annotation like we can do on images.

What i am looking for a tool like i have seen on TV some times they able to annotate screen in real time. I want to see a tool which can let me annotate video clips and let me split clip into many clips and can let me delete, and can let me scrible or hide the section of clip which i want to in case of privacy.

Thanks guys



    Hi, Not entirely sure what you want to do,
    But I use a program which comes in a single application called
    Which is free or you can take out a Premium Membership. You can download all the apps in one download called Free Studio.
    I have used this to cut segments out of Video's which can be saved in (Original Format, Convert to Avi,Gif,Mkv,Mp3 Audio or Mp4), it also allows you to Increase or Decrease Volume. And when you have finished they offer another program to put all the pieces together to form a single Video in different formats.
    Hope this has been of a help


    Simple screen recorder and editor for iOS, Android and Windows.

    Nothing major but it has the tools for most jobs.