expired ½ Price Chobani Yogurt Pots 170g $1.12, Cocobella Coconut Water 1L $2.50 @ Woolworths


Chobani Yogurt Pots 170g

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Available in the following varieties:

Cocobella Coconut Water 1L

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    Not a fan of these Chobani yoghurts to be honest. Probably all the stevia and lack of fat.

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      I like a big bastard tub of Greek yoghurt myself. Cheap, no artificial sweetener junk & amaze with some walnuts + honey :)
      for breakfast.. or a snack.. desert.. mmmmm

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      The only Chobani with stevia is the Fit versions. The regular versions are using regular sugar and/or naturally occurring from the fruit.

      Have you ever seen how many additives are in other brands? By the time you have looked them all up you wonder if there is anything good left in there.

      For example vaalia yougurt contains additives 331, 330, 509, 1442 and malodextrin. Chobani on their labels, there are no wierd numbers. Just skim milk, live yoghurt and cultures and fruit pulp and sugar.


        Agree, jwh is definitely thinking of Chobani Fit and YoPro (although the plain variants of both contain no stevia). Although, just because something has a food additive, doesn't necessarily make it bad. Generally food additives are only "Bad" if you have a reaction to them. In all likelihood the sugar that comes in flavoured yoghurt is worse for you than the additives.


        Thanks, you’re right. It was the Fit version, also tried the YoPro. Wouldn’t buy either again, though I still have a couple in the fridge. I’ve never bought the Vaalia ones.

        It’s about the taste more than anything, they just don’t taste good (to me).

        However the first one I clicked on (Chobani blueberry one listed here), there’s a few more things in the tub;

        Low Fat Yogurt (82%) [Skim Milk, Live Yogurt Cultures], Blueberry Blend (18%) [Blueberries (45%), Sugar, Water, Vegetable Gums (Fruit Pectin, Locust Bean Gum), Natural Flavours, Mineral Salt (Calcium Citrate), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate)]


          Just wanted to add that calcium citrate is a preservative (E333), the vegetable gums are thickening additives E440 and E410, whilst the acidity regulators are also additives (citric acid is E330, sodium citrate is E331).

          Chobani isn’t as simple as you think.


            @jwh: I normally just buy the plain greek strained chobani and add flavors like some of the others have mentioned. For example, add your own honey, almonds, walnuts, pecans, dried banana chips, banana etc etc. You can make your own jams from strawberries or more recently I made pineapple jam as the pineapples were cheap at Woolworths (think 50c for a pineapple).

            Witn brands such as vaalia even the basic yoghurt are loaded with chemical numbers that take a bit of work to determine. Try the website noshly. It’s great for checking the codes and the safety of these chemicals. It’s very useful especially if you have kids who are intolerant to almost everything these days. My friend’s kids between 2 to 5 were intolerant to dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat and a few other things. Made meal time incredibly difficult to ensure they were getting the right nutrients.


              @ibuy: Thanks for the website recommendation. I don’t normally bother looking these things up but got curious as to why they listed the ingredients that way.

              I’m off to buy some plain Greek yoghurt!