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Patrón XO Café 700ml $55 @ Dan Murphy's (Free Membership Required)


Patron cafe tequila used always be about the $55 for years, but recently its suddenly increased to about $80 across all stores

Aldi had a special a few months ago for $50

This stuff is fantastic as shots! And in a espresso martini

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    Great price!

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    Had this for the first time last weekend, was sensational.

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      First time?!??!
      Youve been missing out on life!

    • i finished an entire bottle on one sitting… too much sugar.

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        I know how you feel, I couldnt tell if it was the alcohol or sugar making me dizzy!

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    Pay with a discounted Woolies eGift card for another couple bucks off

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    None of the regular Patron tequilas were ever this price. Patron Silver was always $70+

  • Bottle coming home with me tomorrow…..

  • It has become very popular in the last couple years, thus the price increase

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    The price increase could be related to the popularity in Hip Hop music.


    The researchers looked at Billboard's most popular songs from 2009 to 2011 in pop, country, rock, and hip-hop/rap/R&B. Of the 720 songs they pulled, 167 mentioned alcohol and 46 mentioned specific brands. Accounting for 51.6 percent of those brand shout-outs? The Patron-Hennessy-Grey Goose-Jack Daniels dream team

    • accounting for 99% human race? the american-asian-european-latino dream team

      who the hell quotes stats like that???

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    cheaper at Costco.. $50

    • iirc the $50 variety is the Patron Dark Cafe, the regular is about $58.

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    Thanks OP. Gonna give it a shot or two.

  • How does this compare to Mr. Black?

    • This is the best coffee flavored tequila imo

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      XO has significantly better taste and texture. I have both in the liquor cabinet at the moment.

      • i dont drink alcohol and you guys in this thread making me thirsty

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      They are different products. They are both coffee liqueurs, but Patron XO is a tequila based coffee liqueur and Mr Black is a vodka based coffee liqueur.

      Taste and usage will depend on the desired base.

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      IMO the coffee taste of Mr. Black is much nicer, made by people who truly appreciate coffee, and I find it a bit less sweet (that's a good thing). But my wife prefers Patron XO Cafe.

      • Agreed!! Mr Black is better in my opinion. It’s deeper and richer in taste. Patron is a bit too sweet.

        I prefer Mr Black straight or on ice. I’d mix Patron for espresso martinis or in other cocktails.

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    Keep it chilled in the freezer taste so nice ice cold!

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    Got 3 bottles, thanks