VoLTE on Samsung Galaxy S7 Issues

Hello all,

I have a S7 from optus on a plan.

So while i was travelling to India last year and I had to use VoLTE(Network provider:JIO) If i didnt have VOLTE, I was not able to make phone calls, only mobile data( i had to use a shitty app which never worked).

I was not able to use it and didnt even have an option on the phone's setting to activate the VoLTE . It was flagship phone and i know for a fact it did have Volte when i was using it with Optus at home.

So my question is, Why it did not have Volte when I reached India and Would the same issue happen if i get another phone like S9+ or Note 9 or S10 from kogan or mobiciti ? What can i do to activate Volte?

I contacted Optus then and they said they dont know why and cant help me :(

Any experts here?

Thanks in advance



    Why it did not have Volte when I reached India

    Sounds like an infrastructure issue, either hardware or software (or both) of the networks in India or the mobile networks in India.


      They do have VoLTE infrastructure. All my collegues there used the same provider with samsung phones and they had Volte in their phone.. even Samsung J2 and J3 they were able to use Volte :/

      I dont really care about VoLTE but Ofcourse i needed to make phone calls

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    VoLTE depends on network. You can use your S7 on Amaysim (also using Optus network), and you will NOT have VoLTE.


    The carrier has to have the infrastructure to support VoLTE and has to turn it on.

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      Everyone who uses that network provider has to have VOLTE or else you need to use their app to make phone calls and txts otherwise.. So they do have VoLTE infrastructure

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    What did JIO say when you asked them?


      They said , " it is a flagship phone, it should have VoLTE. Talk to the people where u bought it from :/

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    My experience has been that Optus add their own firmware and that I can only get VoLTE and VoWifi with an Optus sim in a phone from them. For example in a Samsung S8 from optus VoLTE will work with Optus sim but not a Telstra sim.
    Does your phone have an Optus splash screen when it starts up? That’s probably the easiest way to tell if it has specific Optus firmware.


      Yea it does have "YES" when turning on. does network unlocked means i can use the Volte?

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    VoLTE behaviour is part of the carrier firmware. Since you bought it from Optus, it'd be running their carrier specific firmware with their VoLTE configuration.
    Without Indian S7 carrier firmware, your S7 would not be aware of how to talk to their VoLTE infrastructure.
    There is unbranded firmware for if you buy a phone outright, which is meant to allow VoLTE on any network, however even the unbranded firmware is usually bound to a region, so unbranded Australian firmware still may not work in India.

    To go into more detail, the S7 firmware is made up of four components. AP, BL, CP and CSC.
    AP is the OS/Android ROM
    BL is the bootloader
    CP is the modem firmware
    CSC is the carrier firmware
    You've got an Optus CSC, and would need an Indian CSC

    You can flash a different CSC firmware file without root or voiding warranty, but you'll want to make sure you know what you're doing first.


      Intresting.. Where can i find more details… ?? What should i search for

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