Is This a Good Deal for Samsung Galaxy S9?

JB hi fi is offering $499 off for the phone ($899 outright) on $65 plan for 24 months. So it works out to be

$65x24= $1560- $499= $1061/24= $44.20

This includes 60GB monthly data and unlimited local calls+SMS. But no international calls.

To me $44.20 for a S9 with call+data plan sounds good. What do you think?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: sorry I got the calculation wrong.


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    where did the $899 handset cost go?

    in your calc you have applied the 499 discount to the plan, not to the handset.

    should it be $65x24= $1560- $499 +899= $1960/24= $81.67


      Yes, realised that after posting.


    what state are you looking to buy in?


    In Victoria.