Received Damaged TV from Sony

Bought Sony KD65A1 65" OLED TV from the following deal:

When tried to take out the TV, found the back side was damage. My neighbour was helping me and damage was pretty much clear when we were taking the tv out.
Packaging itself was loose but there was no visible sign of damage to the box itself.

Contacted Sony and they have sent a picture which they mention is from their workshop prior sending the TV:

Picture does not clearly show any number and only visible difference is red dot which is not on my tv.

Sony is refusing to cover it and keep forcing the blame for damage on me.

Response from them:

Hi XXXX, Thanks for your patience with this, based off the photos you've provided, and the quality assurance photos from before the unit was shipped out we've come to the conclusion that this damage did not occur while in transit or at our workshop, and is not the fault of a manufacturing defect. I've attached a copy of the photo taken while in the workshop for your information. Unfortunately damage like this is consistent with not unlocking the stand prior to trying to lift it. This creates an excessive amount of pressure at the top of the stand which can cause the back panel to crack. Due to this, we're unable to offer any further assistance in the case of replacing the unit or covering the unit for a warranty repair. However, I've asked our team to reach out to you and offer some other solutions. Please note that this damage is cosmetic and should you not wish to have it repaired out of warranty, it should not affect the performance or quality of the TV. Thanks!
Warm Regards,
Your Sony Online Team

Sony customer service is appalling. I don't believe that I have caused this damage. I want to get some opinion/comments whether it's worth to take it to VCAT/Consumer affairs or what could be my alternative options? This purchase was through ebay plus memebership and Paypal.

UPDATE 1: Following are the photos from packaging. There is no instruction manual in the box.

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  • +1 vote

    Sony customer service is appalling.

    Well to be fair you're 1 person, they likely do see this from multiple people not doing the right thing.

    Bitch of a thing to happen to a $2,400 TV, but VCAT is just going to end up being a 'he said, she said' situation. Might scare them into just replacing it to shut you up, might not.

    Guessing nothing can be seen from the front of the TV?


      After seeing back of tv i took the photos and re packed it and basiclly waiting for refund however i am surprise even though they are blaming me which is not true why they cannot refund my money as i was not excepting substandard packaging for that expensive tv with no warning or precautions on first place by such a big company

      • +2 votes

        No warning ?

        Im pretty sure there are warnings on the box , in the manual and on the back of the tv

      • +22 votes

        Why no instant refund?

        Because people are dumb. People break shit then try to score free shit. How do they know you're not 1 of those people?

      • +1 vote

        I know people in their call center (it is based in new zealand), they have done lot of research on TV screens and how they can crack, they have an extensive diagram list for each and every type of TV screens crack possible for every models and they can identify what cause a crack very precisely.
        If they are saying it got cracked by lifting it via stand and not via transport or other means they are mostly correct in that. Either it was cracked by you lifting via stand or was already crack when you received it by someone lifting it via stand while packaging.


      'he said, she said' situation

      The retailer does have evidence that may support their claim that the good were undamaged in the warehouse.

      • +13 votes

        But not between warehouse and customer

        • +1 vote

          If the customer picked up the merchandise him/herself then after leaving the warehouse its on the customer.

          If it is delivered, then it is on the delivering company

          All Sony needs for proof is the TV is still ok when leaving the warehouse.

    • +2 votes

      The fact that Sony had a photo of the TV before shipping just means that other people have tried this sh*t and gotten away with it.

      People RTFM before unpacking is the moral of this story.

      • +2 votes

        Gotten away with returning a flimsy, poorly designed TV that at best failed to survive the arduous journey from the box to the entertainment unit or at worst arrived broken? Those scoundrels.

        If you bothered to read the OPs you'd know there was no manual. Entirely believable for a refurb. You shouldn't need a manual to extract a TV from a box (which often happens before one can find the manual) It's a good thing Sony knew their steaming pile of crap TV had a tendency to fail in this way though. That way they were ready with photos in order to send this customer packing with nothing but their broken TV and searing buyer's remorse.

        Honestly, it's no wonder we get see many unreliable and poorly made goods when global corporations can rely on the low expectations of the sort are so frequently expressed here.


          My manual was taped to the top part of the TV when I opened my box. Also the box had a step 1 guide on the opening flap.

          From what I can see the A1 had a similar pictograph to say Read the phamplet before finishing unboxing.

          Not sure why you are so angry and/or upset. I read the OP post and the other comments below it as well and have come to my own conclusion. The OP didn’t do his due diligence prior to unpacking. If the A1 is the same as the A8F it’s fragile like crazy due to the design. So if the pictograph says to pull the phamplet out, you would do well to do that and read it.

          Also took me one minute to find the manual and another minute to find and unboxing guide. So for the sake of ten minutes it would of saved heaps of time now. This is for the “it came with no manual arguments”. Sh*t happens so you deal with it the best way you can, instead of blaming others you work it out.

          People buy the TV for the design and the technology, not everyone wants a box of a TV in their living room. I enjoy having a super slim TV that is prone to burn in, in my living room knowing that it has deep blacks and absolutely the best possible colour when watching movies. When it’s off it’s not an eyesore either.


            @jlogic: That's the point. Unpacking a TV shouldn't require a great deal of due diligence. It should be straightforward. Thinking about buying a Bakers Delight franchise. Now that probably should involve some due diligence. Considering giving up a promising medical career for your dream of Ukelele stardom. You should definitely up your dose of due diligence there.

            However in this case the due diligence should have happened in the Sony engineering department and not this person's living room. A TV might need to be moved by someone other than the original owner. Manuals get lost. It should not self destruct if handled by someone who's not being completely unreasonable and reckless. I'm not buying that the svelteness of this particular TV is a valid excuse for the level of design and engineering incompetence.


              @Technics: When you are buying something like the A1, A8F, A9F knowing the design a small amount of due diligence is required to ensure it comes out and is setup perfectly. There are warnings on the box and phamplet.

              It is unfortunately the case with TVs that are designed in this manner, that place aesthetics first. Imagine the LG rollaway TV that is a sweet piece of TV, I can’t iamgine what the can’t do’s are on that TV cosidering the screen is just held up on a metal skeleton frame. People want different things so companies provide them. If you want an easy to setup and move TV then you would buy one that is.

              Sure a standard TV that is built to just slot into a stand that is all plastic and metal and the TV is encased in a solid piece of ABS plastic, might not need the care, but a glass backed TV that rest on a easel like contraption, one might take the time to find out how it works and how to set it up.

              Yes buying a franchise needs due diligence but there are different levels of due diligence and for the TV example it would of taken very little time and effort, to work it out.


                @jlogic: I can see that it may come as a surprise to you to learn that for many people, even ones buying these models, a TV is a tool for watching television and movies (broadcast, streamed or otherwise). A tool can be beautiful but if in order to achieve that beauty it sacrifices durability then it simply isn't solving a problem. It's just swapping one (minor aesthetic) problem for another (major structural) problem.

                I don't see anywhere Sony goes out of their way to market the particular fragility of this item. So expecting everyone to just know is ludicrous. Not everyone thinks the same way about it as you do. The design gives poor consideration to the human factors / ergonomics involved over the life of the product. One of the key goals in design is to reduce the chance of human error. Sony failed miserably there.

      • +1 vote

        I own this TV and can vouch it's quite finicky to set up and would be difficult without the manual

  • +7 votes

    It's not a red dot, it is a flash or something causing bad colour correction, I am going to guess it is the reflection off someones fluro orange hi-vis. Your TV has no red dot because the picture from Sony doesn't either.


      Yeah it's off a bolt, which can clearly be seen on OP's pic that it's a shiny metallic surface on it.


    Thanks plmko to update me as i am running in wild thoughts after recieving bad customer service

  • +20 votes

    Just get a statutory declaration statement from your neighbour and contact comsumer affairs

  • +9 votes

    Sony says

    Unfortunately damage like this is consistent with not unlocking the stand prior to trying to lift it.

    So did the damage occur after you read the manual, or was it there before you could remove the manuals from the box.

    What I am getting at is, would you have been aware of the need to "not unlock the stand"

    • +2 votes

      Yes looks to be a 'common' feature of this TV sadly. OP most likely caused it be not unlocking the stand while lifting it.

    • -12 votes

      While relevant, if OP caused the damage I don't think it makes a difference - if OP caused the damage then OP caused the damage. Plus, there really shouldn't need be a warning to "don't hold via stand", since stands are not handholds and only supposed to support the weight of the TV in one direction.

    • +1 vote

      Does the stand come locked to the TV in the box?

      If it's that easy to break that is an almost inconceivably poor design, unless it is fairly easy to unlock the stand prior to lifting the TV out of the box, and there's a prominent warning label about this that can't be missed.


    What condition are the products that are available to purchase?
    All products are either ex-demonstration, box damaged or manufacturer refurbished. We are unable to advise what situation a particular product falls into furthermore, in the case of refurbished units, what any of the original issues (if any) were or provide photographs of the actual units or private viewings of actual units.

    All products available to purchase have been thoroughly tested by a Sony Authorised repair agent before being made available to purchase. We also back our products with our standard 12 month warranty.

      • +3 votes

        Don't why you are getting negged. The original deal says seconds/ex-demo

        • +7 votes

          'Seconds/ex-demo' doesn't mean damaged.

          Some products may have slight cosmetic variations however are deemed as fully functional and this is reflected in the price.

          A fully smashed rear panel is not a 'slight cosmetic variation' - it's damage.

          • +1 vote

            @Spam Service: … and for most, unacceptable one at that.

            That said, not sure why the factory second/display unit should have any relevance. SONY expects to send out product without a fully smashed rear panel (based on their warehouse pic).

            Seconds/ex-demo absolutely doesn't mean they can sell severely broken shit.


            @Spam Service: Oops, looked at the wrong photo, yes, its damaged!

  • +2 votes

    There is lot of small diffrence like there is no screws attched on back of stand in their pic and while mine has

    • +4 votes

      Ah, so you didn't remove the stand to remove the TV, just like the Sony email suspected?

      • +1 vote

        Looking at the pictures, I don't think the screws in question could possibly be removed while in the box.


    No manual no instruction no visble warning on box that how to handle or unlock the stand

    • +2 votes

      When tried to take out the TV, found the back side was damage.

      Unfortunately damage like this is consistent with not unlocking the stand prior to trying to lift it.

      Were you careful when you tried to lift it out?

      No manual no instruction no visble warning on box that how to handle

      In my experience, the manual is usually at the top or somewhere visible…

      Sony customer service is appalling. I don't believe that I have caused this damage.

      So you are saying their customer service is "appalling" because they wouldn't replace a product that had no other visible damage to the box etc and straight out said that the back cracks when you don't lift the TV out like it is intended.

      In this case, what I would do is contact them again and ask for a manager/supervisor. IF the instructions were on the top and you tossed them aside like admittedly, I would do and lift my new toy out the box straight away then you probably don't have a case. But maybe they'll help you out and give you a discount on a new one.

      However, if there were no instructions you could make a case for them being negligent proving it will be the issue.

    • +1 vote

      "Use only reasonable force" shouldn't need to be said.

      If there's no damage to the box the TV came in, then I'm actually on Sony's side on this one - you did say you noticed the damage only after taking the TV out of the box, which is when Sony is saying the damage would've happened.


      You lift the box over the top after unlocking the base which gives you access to tv.

      Sorry but a TV worth a couple of grand I'd have took picture of box prior to unpacking if you had noticed it was damaged, unlocked the clips lifted the cardboard over the top of the TV then took another picture once you had removed the rest of the upper packing.

      I'd have also took 2 mins to look up the manual.

      The only way I can see Sony being culpable was if it came in a box that wasn't for that TV, if it was the right box the clips are pretty clearly identifiable, Sony are terrible with customer service but they also know the common causes for breakage. so good luck you only have one chance that's Sony incorrectly packing the TV.

  • +11 votes

    Sorry OP but I've seen this type of damage on TVs before and like they said in the email, it is usually the result of trying to lift the TV by the stand :(

    Did you unscrew /unlock the stand before lifting it? Or did you or the neighbour try to lift it by the holding onto the stand?

    Edit: If you do decide to go to vcat, get a stat dec from your neighbour.

  • +2 votes

    Taking out from the box was from holding from side but even God for bid if my neigbour touched the bar there was no sound no click clack or like any thing it was smooth process and there is no manual to read and no warning on box

    • +3 votes

      no manual to read and no warning on box

      Could it be because it was a factory seconds?

      Might be helpful to post a comment on the deal page to see if anyone else had the same issue.

    • +1 vote

      Glass or even plexi will make an almighty noise wen cracking. I have a glass sliding door that the kids broke. You could hear it from two streets away. There’s no way you could miss it, so most likely it was broken in transport.

      The Sony seconds shop is just having a go. No doubt there’s a transport worker who knows the truth but didn’t say anything. Happens more often than you think. Dispute, refund, you’ll be right.

  • -1 vote

    Sorry to say There is nothing says donot touch or lift from bar

  • +2 votes

    Hope this does not happen to anyone else Just note of precaution for everone on forum


    If you wall mount it can you see any damage?

    In comparison my recent refurbished tv from Sony couldn't connect to the internet, within a few days they had a technician at my house who reloaded the software, all fixed

  • +4 votes

    If you bought using ebay plus can't you return it for any reason? Just open a return case.


    I have not assemble the tv yet what kind of damaged would be on screen just not have enough strength to see how it would be as of picture quality

  • +13 votes

    Thanks for the post. If you look at their feedback, they have a not so good record. Also, it's kind of insulting that they suggest that you caused the damage and then list the way it happened. No one should have to accept a broken item like that because there is a chance that it could be transit damage. How can Sony know for sure how the damage occurred and how you opened the package?

    • +3 votes

      How can Sony know for sure how the damage occurred and how you opened the package?


      "Packaging itself was loose but there was no visible sign of damage to the box itself."

      … and the damage is cracks radiating from the stand mounting points with no other signs of damage.


        Still an assumption. What if the customer used a knife to open the sides of the box and still found the damage? Something could have pressed against the stand prior to delivery.

      • +1 vote

        This doesn't prove someone pulled the tv out without unlocking the stand. Any mechanical/structural engineer will tell you that. Cracks radiating from stand may be just because of undue pressure during transport. The package is flexible and does not necessarily undergo damage. The TV inside is rigid and can crack when pressed against the stand from the back and another object from the front.

        I think if there is no clear law on transport, each party is responsible at least for 50% of the damage as no one can prove who dunnit.


      Also, it's kind of insulting that they suggest that you caused the damage and then list the way it happened.

      Pretty sure they're right because OP confirms that the TV was taken out of the box incorrectly, exactly as the email suspected.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks for your support guys i hope this work out for me lesson learned in a hard way however i will take it to the end

    • +1 vote

      lesson learned in a hard way

      I don't think you actually did learn the right lesson here…

  • +6 votes

    Contact Ebay Plus Customer Service and get a return happening. they will refund it once you return.


    Thanks i have opened the case with ebay plus

  • +8 votes

    Unfortunately there's a lot of dodgy people out there who damage TV's unpacking/setting them up and blame it on shipping damage etc. So I can understand why they're sceptical.

    Still, you'd think a massive company like Sony would just take the hit regardless since you're buying direct from them.

    • +4 votes

      I'm actually pretty sure OP is one of these:

      dodgy people out there who damage TV's unpacking/setting them up

      Since they've basically admitted they took out the TV the wrong way and that there's no damage to the packaging.

  • +2 votes

    I was wondering if you pay with your credit card via paypal, can you still claim credit card insurance?


      maybe. I know some credit cards offer an extended warranty and the warranty only covers breakdown or defect, kinda like an extension of the manufacturers warranty so it does not cover accidental damage.

      However some household contents insurance cover 'Accidental damage'. Maybe op can claim insurance if Sony warranty falls through.

      I personally have had really good experiences with Sony warranty for big items, had a line running through a screen and they fixed it, also an amplifier with a faulty circuit which they fixed just out of warranty. The only exception was for their smartphone warranty provider fonebiz who were really bad.


      I could be wrong but pretty sure you wouldn't be covered, the credit card transaction needs to be with the retailer supplying the goods.

      It could vary from bank to bank but I looked into this about a year ago when I bought a TV from TGG off eBay.

      I cancelled my first PayPal transaction and repurchased using my credit card because I wanted to have credit card insurance cover (but even then I was still left thinking well maybe the bank would say I have a credit card purchase with eBay and not TGG….)

  • +8 votes

    Seems like another case of "you're holding it wrong".

    "Unfortunately damage like this is consistent with not unlocking the stand prior to trying to lift it"

    So they sold you a product with a known defect? I imagine they did not label the TV with any kind of readily-apparent label warning you how to lift it. Sounds like a major failure to me. Replacement or refund at your choice as per the ACL.

  • +4 votes

    You know you messed up and did this, and now you want Sony to pay for your impatience?

  • +2 votes

    I know how you feel OP my previous experience buying from Sony store directly is the biggest pain the arse if the item is defective return process is an absolute joke


    OP, did u unbox it like in the YouTube video above?

    Did u pay with a credit card that has shoppers protection?

    Can you wall mount it as it won't the defect?

  • +1 vote

    I had the same thing happen to me from another seller, TV came with screen damaged, box and even internal cover had no damage. Lucky I had it captured on my CCTV from delivery, storage, unpack and installation (damage discovered during installation as unpacked screen side down to put brackets).

    • +2 votes

      Seems strange to have to do this, but it is steadily becoming the norm. I somehow think most of the online deals are old stock or stock that has some sort of a problem. By the time it's sent out, most people don't care.


        I suppose I don't do it on purpose just happens to be that most things are delivered and unpacked in my premises is under surveillance, but what I have experienced is 1 out of 5 items I get is either damaged small or big or has a part missing and this evidence helps.


          For unboxing I bought a cheap camera tripod which fits to my phone, or you can just use the type with the suction cup that is supposed to go on your car dash. Both should cost around 5 bucks on eBay

  • +3 votes

    I can't see the instructions taped to the back of the TV like in the video.
    Looks like they haven't provided them.


      Was bought as a factory second, not brand new.

      • +8 votes

        If it's coming from the manufacturer they should have included the label / instructions if you have to take it out of the box a special way without cracking the glass. By the looks of the video it's not very straight forward.

        I bought a Sony RX100 V factory second/refurb from the Sony ebay store. It came with all the documentation. I returned it for a full refund as the popup viewfinder was faulty.

        • +1 vote

          "Don't pull out the TV by its stand" is not "a special way". A stand is meant to support the TV from the bottom against gravity, a stand is not a handle.

          Just because it normally comes with documentation doesn't mean the documentation is necessary. Next we'll have someone complaining because they grabbed the TV and put their fingers through the panel and "oh but there wasn't any warnings not to".

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