Visa Vexation - Helping Someone Immigrate OzB Style

Freely admit I'm not sure which forum area this should go in.

I want to help my longtime gf from Thailand immigrate to Sydney Australia. The partner visa costs over $7k currently, which is an expense I'm sure any reasonable OzB'er would want to avoid.

Does anyone have any (serious) ideas on how else I could bring her here?

We don't have kids and she's over 35. Hard worker with solid resume in property sales and similar. Decent English. Been together for years. Has been here once before as a tourist without issue.


    • Thanks Eurodave!

      All things noted.

  • My Italian partner just received her 309 visa (and the 100 at the same time) about a month ago We applied at the start of July 2018 so 7.5 months processing which is quite quick really, although have been together for 7 years with 2 kids. ~$7k application cost and a few hundred more for police checks for both of us in both countries and health check for her (wish we'd done it a few years earlier when it was much cheaper and faster). Front loaded the application (got and uploaded the police and health checks before being asked for them) and many hours of compiling and uploading evidence of relationship. Stressful and time consuming but easy enough to do yourself if it's a genuine relationship and no complicating circumstances. There are a couple of facebook groups that we found helpful (search "Partner Visa Australia")

  • wow some real passionate potatriots here lol

  • you should both move to Canada, I bet the visa would be cheaper there. Comparing Canada pr to oz 189: CAD 1000 : AUD 3700! and australia has been cutting thousands of 820 visa every year. so long wait and long shot. Anyway, just get her here with any visa she could get and then figure it out

  • As Sponsor you have obligations to provide financial assistance. Immi Dept want you can show that you have enough savings. I think you can get her a visitor visa (vaild for 1 year) first.

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    At the end of the day, it's only money. Just pay it and move on. The love of a good spouse is priceless. You can't put a price tag on happiness.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and concentrate on the important things - your dad, your health and your young looking 35 year Thai squeeze.

    PS - not sure why you needed to mention in the description that she looks younger than she is. Did you think that would attract a discount?

    • Just being a braggart.

      I need to edit that part out.

  • One other really important detail - if you live in NSW, you can register your relationship with Births, Deaths and Marriages (as de-facto) and avoid the 12 month of living together requirement. (I think)

    • RMA I spoke to advised this also.

  • I just applied for the partner visa 2 months ago, still have a long way to go with submitting documents/evidence/medicals etc but i am doing it all without a migration specialist.
    Even being married does not really help with the visa application although i believe having a child does change the process slightly.

    • although i believe having a child does change the process slightly.

      Do not assume this, this is false. I know of a couple who have a child and their application was still denied. They even used the services of a migration agent. The agent must have been naive with dealing with high risk countries. Just having a kid together is not enough proof, you still need to go through the whole process and make sure you submit evidence for all categories.

      Good luck with your application. We started my wife's application in early 2017, got approval mid 2018 and now eligible to apply for PR. We DYIed it too, it's a long processes but nothing too hard. Just make sure you follow their instructions and submit it how they asked and you should be right.

      • Having a child together in a relationship isn't enough evidence by itself to prove a genuine relationship. Sure, the evidence can be considered more 'compelling' than others but if the other evidence is flimsy then it won't succeed. Please don't have a child just for the sake of evidence, it's not fair for the kid or parents. An experienced migration agent should be knowledgeable on the types of evidence needed and give tips and suggestions on how to present that evidence.

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    Just cautious reminder with Thai girls.

    "You never lose your girlfriend, you just lose your turn"

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      She’s gone when she she gets her visa

    • Yeah, I read those Steven Leather books. Foolishly.

      Usually more applicable to "bar girls."

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    She’s gonna leave you once she gets visa

    • Well the full PR is like 4 years away, so that's plenty of time anyway.

      • Anyway I hope it works out. I don’t wanna sound pessimistic. I’ve dated Thai girls before in Australia, only lasted no more than less than half a year though.. I’m 25 btw

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