Ship computer chair from Newegg or Amazon (US) to here?

Hi all,

Trying to buy this chair

also here

Neither appears to ship here.

It's not available on the Newegg AU or Amazon AU sites.

Is there a way to get it delivered?



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    Are you expecting g-forces while playing Fortnite?


    Is there a reason you want that chair and not one sold in Australia?

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      Especially when you can get a Haworth Zody or similar second hand for around $150?


      Yep, total will be the same at the end of the day. $265 from US with shipping will end up the same or even more than u-buy.


    Why anyone would buy a PU Leather chair is beyond me.


      Probably the same reason people buy cars with leather seats. Those leather seats have almost no leather in them either. Or the actual part that touches your skin is fully plastic.

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        You have the option to get an office chair with mesh though. It's much more durable, breathable and a quality one will last you years. PU leather will flake eventually.