Am I Understanding AEDT/AEST Right?

Hi everyone. Wilson Parking hasn't responded to a claim I lodged with them a week ago so I thought I would give them a call.

It was 8.30pm for me at the time (Sydney), which from my understanding right now is 8.30pm AEDT.

The nice guys at Wilson are meant to have their Contact Centre open until 9.00pm AEST (it confirms this both on the website and on the IVR), yet they were closed.

My question is, isn't it actually 7.30pm if using AEST (it's one hour behind, so once April 7th arrives the time would actually be 7.30pm instead of 8.30pm), or am I totally confused?

Did they misunderstand this distinction, or they simply closed their Contact Centre early because who gives a toss about customers calling in?

Thanks all.


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    This page says 8pm Australian Eastern Time (not AEST)


    It isn't April, not even if you have been watching Back to the Future.

    Call 1800 727 546 and ask…

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    AEST = UTC +10
    AEDT = UTC +11

    I think they used the AEST term to basically mean Australian Eastern time whether AEDT or AEST and they close 30 mins early?

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    Their CS is shite. I raised case online and never heard from them after multiple follow-ups. Didn't want to waste time calling, thinking if I have a SF case number they have to respond, but no. Probably good thing I didn't bother calling judging by your post.

    Wanted to lodge a dispute with my card issuer, they said its too low value, they'll just credit me the amount. I insisted because I didn't want them to get away with it, cc issuer still refused…


      Amen brother! So damn shite. I don't even have a reference number to go off, none was issued after I made the claim. They double-charge and then don't respond when we ask for a refund, epic business strats.

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        Did you pre-book with a credit card and then also get charged on the day you parked? That's what happened to me.

        Pre-booked for ~$15 for one day of parking and instructions say to use the same credit card to enter and leave the car park; got debited another $35 (the full day rate as if I didn't pre-book). Basically their system didnt match up my prebooking somehow.


          Yep, exactly that. But nah, the pricks want to ignore me and force me to waste so much time just to get $15.19 back. Hate companies like this.

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