Hawaii to Vancouver to Mainland US, Ideas? in May 2 People

Hi all, I couldn't resist a last minute cruise today from Hawaii to vancouver.

Travelled a bit in Europe etc. But never the US. Always book cheapest accommodation I can find that isn't a shared dorm.

So will fly to HNL a couple of days early, then cruise Hawaiian islands and into vancouver on May 10.

Thinking of going to whistler for a very end of season snowboard. Then hoping to Rv it to Banff and then Calgary. Ideas thougts?

Then fly to NYC for a look…Then find an economic way home (via LA or San Francisco… I think). Any tips for those legs (accom, flights would be great. Always wanted to visit Kennedy space centre. Maybe Vegas. But not really on the way,and would probably blow the budget. Got a few points to use qantas,Amex and velocity I'm hoping to use for as many flights as I can.



    I travelled internally in US of A many years ago

    1. Watch out for internal flights having very low kg baggage allowance
    2. Vegas was really not that wonderful for me. Unless ur into a show I’d just go to casino here with a broken pair of glasses on.
    3. Grand Cannon was great…. US does ‘big’ so well.

    Enjoy Le cruise


    Point 2…Gold!

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