Best Credit Card with Ongoing $0 Annual Fee

My current credit card's fee free year is nearly up, so need to close it but still want to have a credit card. At my current spend it doesn't seem worth paying a fee for a rewards card so after a free card instead that still offers some benefits eg product insurance, no foreign transaction fees etc.

Are there any other zero fee credit cards worth considering over:

  • Bankwest Zero - no foreign transaction fees and think it has purchase insurance
  • Coles No Annual Fee - still has rewards but at very low rate
  • 28Degrees - is this still good? As I thought it had some issue/cost with making repayments?
  • Qantas or Velocity Amex rewards - less inclined to want this as retail shops and some online payments often don't accept amex or add a surcharge

There are load of others on canstar/finder but at a glance they don't seem offer anything more than just credit card.


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    28 degrees is good, just repay it in full every balance date!

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      Pay by direct debit on their website. Using BPAY or Bank@Post will occur a fee.


      +1 for 28 degrees.

      It appears to tick all your boxes:
      - no annual fee
      - has product insurance (they call it Shoppers Protection insurance)
      - no foreign transaction fees

      Agree with the above two comments, to avoid fees, do this:
      - pay directly on their website
      - pay full balance by end of statement date (to avoid paying for insurance premium, should you opt for the shoppers protection insurance. In any case, it’s only 1% of the outstanding balance)

      I love shoppers protection insurance, claimed heaps over the years with no issue.

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    Bankwest is the only one I can think of with insurance. Without an annual fee you will likely struggle to get any bonuses so that one seems like a good option.


    It comes down to your situation and how you spend.

    • If you shop at Coles regularly and spend more than $100 a week I would suggest the Coles card. No delivery fee when you spend more than $100 and you sort of double dip on flybuys points when you pay with the credit card at stores that take flybuys. When you reach 2000 points you get $20 credit for your next shop or you can transfer to velocity. Occasionally, Flybuys offers extra points offers such as 2000 points when you spend $50 or so.

    • If you travel several times a year look at the bankwest zero or 28 degrees as they both offer nil international transaction fees and currency conversion fees. If you can opt for the Bankwest Zero platinum I would personally lean towards BW as oppose to 28 degrees. The added insurances (travel, price protection, warranty…etc) without the added fees and lower interest rate makes it a better choice.

    • As you know AMEX can be hit and miss as it's not accepted everywhere or added surcharge. When it comes to emergency use you may struggle if the merchant dosen't accept it.

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      Coles are sadly removing the free delivery perk from their credit cards after 30 April 2019.


        Didn't know that actually!! Whole reason why I went with Coles credit in the first place. Where did you see this as I haven't got any notice yet?


      When you reach 2000 points you get $20 credit for your next shop

      Stop here, 2000 pts equals $10 credits.

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    Woolworths Everyday Platimum offered no ongoing annual fee last month. You may have to wait a while for this offer.

    Coles one is still good as you get $100 shopping credits to start with. Don't think others offer similar rewards.

    For no annual fee cards, if more than one, I focus on maxing out interest free days rather than rewards points.

    A true bargain hunter always buys things at lowest price with discount giftcards so that price protection insurance is irrevelant.

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