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[NSW] Panamax 500mg 100 Tablets $0.69 (Usually $2.49) @ Chemist Warehouse, Ashfield (Sydney)


Seen instore at Ashfield.

Website still showing $2.49 (https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/41147/panamax-500mg-...) so maybe not Australia-wide?

Use only as directed. See your GP if symptoms persist.

Adults: 1 to 2 tablets (maximum 8 per day) Children: (7-12 years): 1/2 to 1 tablet (maximum 4 tablets per day). Take with water every 3-4 hours if necessary.

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    When is the Expiry date ?

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      Heads up on drug expiry dates, they don't really mean that much.


      Potency goes down with age, but generally not by all that much. Would say the difference would be negligible on something like a low-level painkiller such as this.

      *not to be taken as professional advice. I'm no professional.


        Yup that's right and I have spoken to many medical professionals and pharmacists.

        Mine expire Oct 2021 FWIW. Got 2 pks for a family of 5.

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    Mix that with redbull you'll have the best Concussion for all needs.

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    Most important ingredient in cooking your liver.


    Where's the Panadol comment?


    See your GP if symptoms persist.

    I think you mean See your lawyer if symptoms persist.


    Are they really usually $2.49?

    I buy Panadol Osteo instead now but don’t ever recall paying this much for Panamax.