Looking for Recommedations on an Electric Shaver for Long Term Investment

Hey Guys,

I am seeking for some recommendations on some good quality electric shavers to just get a clean shave done faster. Currently, Big W has 20% off promotion but I would like to get some feedback from users.

[Edit#1: @tshow highlighted a good point. I grow quite thick and straight hairs but in patches, hence, the need to shave almost everyday.]

[Edit#2: I'll try some of your recommendation as there are some money back guarantees.]



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    Without knowing how hairy you are, our recommendations can range from Gillette to Husqvarna.


    If you're shaving almost everyday, may I recommend you the Braun Series 7? I personally have been using it for over a year now and I feel it is a very good investment when it is on sale!

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      I looked at these and went with a Panasonic unit that Shaver Shop said gave a closer shave. They were the same price and it had a 60 day trial. I've now returned it as it wasn't anywhere near close enough for my liking and too almost as long as a razor did anyway.

      If it's about saving money, try a double edge razor (DE). You can get a cheap handle from Aliexpress and sample packs of blades to find what works for you. Much cheaper than a multiblade system and closer shave…however… it takes a few goes to get comfortable with it and you might nick yourself if you're not careful. I still keep a Mach3 for hard spots / cleaning up under my nose and hard edge on my jaw and adam's apple to avoid cuts, but the DE as the primary is so cheap compared to the Mach3 blades that I can throw them the moment they get even slightly dull and I feel any tugging.


      Second the Braun. Get a series 5 or higher. They are a long term investment. I only have to change/update mine every ~8 years.


    I'm keen to invest!

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      Is it a high yield investment?


      Appearances can be important. Showing up with a clean shaven face could further your career far more than a flash car. This would make it an extremely high yielding investment.

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    Electric Shaver for long term investment.

    What sort of annual return are we talking about?


    Hard to go wrong with a Braun Series 7 or 9.


    My Braun Series 7 has been good. Nearly 10 years.

    Buy new blades etc from Taiwan on eBay.

    You can make your own cleaner yourself (tks Ozbargain) cheaply enough too.

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    Never heard of a shaver bring referred to as an investment

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    I've been using electric shavers since 2008. I've used a Remington, two higher end Philips models (rotary head) and two higher end Panasonic models (foil).

    Remington by far is the cheapest but the life was terrible. After 6 month, it basically had no battery capacity left.

    Philips are good - being high powered rotaries they aren't as gentle so you will get some irritation. Your skin gets used to this reasonably quickly but I always would have some noticeable redness.

    Panasonic is my recommendation. Whilst foil shavers take longer to cut through your growth, they are gentle and you get a closer shaver. I've had the 4 blade model and two years ago picked up the top of the range 5 blade model brand new from someone on Gumtree for $75 (unwanted gift).


      I like philiips, but agree with you. Also find phillips battery power too slow and have gone back to an electric phillips cheapy.


    Braun series 7 (don't get series 9) for foil shavers. They're better for sensitive skin. Don't pay over $300. There is huge markup on this model in AUS.

    TRy and get the cleaning station too.


    I have an old (15+ years) Braun 8 series: https://www.shavers.co.uk/media/catalog/product/cache/1/imag...

    I have dropped it from head height 6ft+ onto the bathroom tiles at least 30 times, some chips but it still works. I also got a series 5 for my son which only lasted 2 years at best and just stopped working.

    I recently got a series 7, as i need new a new foil and cutter for my series 8 and thought for an extra $150 i can get the latest tech etc. Sent it back for a refund, it's still didn't shave as good as my old series 8 (even with an old foil and cutter).

    So i can't help you, unless you want to buy a refurbished series 8, as i think the new ones are not as good.