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Passion Pasta is considered the finest commercial "hand made style" pasta on the market. The key quality factors reside primarily in the ingredients, they use 100% Australian Durum Wheat Semolina, Free Range Eggs, a little extra virgin Olive Oil and the best saffron!

Saffron Pasta Angel Hair:
Saffron pasta Gluten Free:

Pure saffron (the World’s most precious spice). A lovely saturated yellow-gold colour with a subtle, vaguely sweet flavour. Will brighten any cold pasta salad, or add colour to traditional red sauces. Has won silver medal at the Royal Fine Food Show in 2004, 2005 and 2006.Recommended Accompaniments: Outstanding with all seafood, white sauces, and subtle cheeses. Try it with scallops, butter, grated Romano or just lemon and olive oil.

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    This is OZ-Bargain, not OZ-Advert, seems like regular prices, no bargain here that I can tell!

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    Is someone new manning your rep account? Seems like you've done a great job posting actual deals in the past, but now this looks like a straight out advertisement unless I am missing something.