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Hi Guys,

I think I found an error with this website resulting in Samsonite Cosmolite Large Black case being sold an extra $100 below the other colours in the same size. I haven't checked their other bags but I have been shopping around for Cosmolite and so it stood out as a good price. Most retailers seem to be within $10 of each other.

Here is the link…

I'm going to grab one before they notice the pricing difference.

I'm a new member so not sure if this will be seen by many but hope it helps someone.


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Accor Plus
Accor Plus



    About the same price as Ebay with the regular 10% off coupon.


    Sometimes appears for cheaper (under $400) on Ozbargain so if you don't need it in a hurry, I'd set up an alert for Samsonite and wait for a deal.


    hmmm… think on OzBargain we're bit more American Tourister end of the spectrum.


    Nah, this could be bought at around 3xx range if you’re patient


    Hmmm they have changed the price now the cosmolite 81 cm black is $399.00 after cash back


    Hi guys,
    Thanks the feedback. I bought the black 81cm last week for $479 delivered. - still didn't find it cheaper anywhere when I looked just now.
    Ebay's cheapest was $449 + $16.95 postage but that was for RED only and they were selling the BLACK for $579 + postage. (I only wanted the black)
    My local Strandbags told me that Samsonite prices all went up in March.
    Anyway, I'm happy and think it's better value than anything I could find.

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