expired Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 4G 64GB US $219.99 (AU $315.69) Delivered @ GearBest


Similar to Nukkels post.

Mi pad 4 4g 64gb

Currently 30% off for another 6 days according to the website.

I am still waiting for the plus version to go on 20-30% discount. Might be awhile.

But this may be big enough for some

Depends on how you pay. Prob with no conversion fee and pay in USD would be cheaper

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    Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 4G 64GB AUD$341.50 (US242) (Delivered/ GST included) @ gearbest


    bearing in mind the premium you pay for xia its plus or nothing.

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    I'd strongly recommend staying away from GearBest for the MiPad4. I ordered one in December 2018 and they key pushing the delivery date for their stock out. I gave up and got a refund at the end of January because they kept promising it would be shipped out "within a few days". All of this was happening while they were still doing their flash sale with "200+ units available".

    Also read another user here didn't get theirs after 2 months too so it seems like a bit of a mess in terms of how many units they actually have.


    Bought a OnePlus and they could never ship. Cancelled order.


    I'd just bought a non-4g one from roboguy on eBay for $298 after hearing apparently he'd got better since his early missteps. Just got an email from him saying he can't get stock. I should have known better.

    So instead I'll try this one for a few bucks more with 4g and wait for a new email saying they can't get stock instead ;)


      Yeh why not.

      If you got spare time and money … wouldn't hurt


        Well I got a shipped notification yesterday, so looking good so far! Also only cost me AU$308 delivered for some reason, plus cash rewards.

        Still no refund from roboguy though despite the promise :/

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