Google Stadia (Google's New Video Game Streaming Service)

What does everyone think of that Google video game streaming service showcase?

Looked quite impressive, but I like it about as much as the mobile games market - which is not at all.

I can see the appeal for casual gamers, but not definitely not nintendo fans if there are no nintendo games on there.

Also, Google feels like that evil corporation Abstergo, where the recent games have their subsidiary developing video games…

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  • 3
    Streaming games is the future! Strap me in!
  • 22
    Might consider if the price is right
  • 10
    Don't like this future for gaming
  • 27
    Can't use it because NBN sucks

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  • +4

    If its more "games as live service" then they can go shove it.

    PS mobile games are trash, I'm a hardcore gamer but rather read than play mobile games.

  • +1

    How is this any different to Steam and others like it?

    Wouldn't you still need a good set up to play said games via a browser?

    • +3

      It's all on server, so you don't need a console or pc. You do need good internet though, like with netflix, but more demanding.

      • +1

        I guess it is interesting but as I voted NBN is just horrible so I doubt even 100/40 would be able to handle it. And call me old school but I prefer to OWN my games as opposed to being on a monthly payment.

        • Hi old school, you can call me big cheese.

  • Useless for me because I play 99% of my games handheld while out and about. I don't want to have to pay through the nose for mobile data to play. Not to mention there's something nice about having a bookshelf with your games displayed on it.

  • +2

    Might work in a few places around the world but I doubt AUS with its current infrastructure. Where I am (Not AUS) a mate tested it out and I think his fibre internet is 300/300 and it still had a bit of lag, and he was only playing AC Odyssey so imagine playing COD or something where lag makes a huge difference.

    • Not sure if that 300/300 is residential because that would be insane, given Korea is only averaging 140/100 for fixed broadband and they're 3rd fastest.

      I do know that business broadband is a lot faster though, 1000mb/s give or take.

      And maybe that's why the article didn't mention anything about being released in Oceania lol.

      • Probably Europe or US Google Fibre.

        They are in heaven right now.

        10 gigabit up and down you say? Yes please!

  • As with all these tech companies they assume everyone lives in Silicon Valley where they have tonne of bandwith and latency is not going to be an issue.

    I'm not saying it won't work but it will at least be years away before anything in a workable/acceptable state comes to Australia. Running remote desktop on windows applications creates enough latency and lag as is with the current environment. It will need to improve drastically if we are talking about the data needed for games

  • Wow, is this what linus envisioned ?

    Gaming without hardware (except display + controller/kb)

  • +3

    If they have Oceania servers, this could be really good! Over ethernet, I get around 650Mbps down average, with 1ms latency.
    Living in Wellington had to pay off sometime!

  • I predict it will be as popular as google+, the facebook killer.

    • is this /s ?

    • +1


  • +1

    With our shit internet the government pathetically screwed up? Not a chance we can use this, not that I would anyway, but I can see how it could be useful to those who can't afford a decent gaming PC. I don't stream music for example because I don't like not actually owning or having guaranteed access to something I pay for or like, and I feel this will be the same.

  • Merged from Google Stadia The Cloud Gaming

    Information for Gamers as it is exciting news.

    So besides Sony, and Microsoft now we have Google Stadia who will be the new player (launching 2019, US, Canada, UK and Europe but not Australia lol).
    Google Stadia Conference in 5 minutes

    Google Stadia Trailer

    Cloud computing will be the next gen …you don't have to buy an expensive graphics card or console/updated consoles in the near future.

    So now the question is where are the platforms?

    Everywhere your mobile, pc, tv, tablet and etc (chromebrowser and controller is all you need)

    Finally, we do not need to worry about upgrading our HDD or worry about physical storing cabinet space.

    I am quite excited but worry about streaming 4k…. with NBN. e.g. (connection lost lol.)

    SHares of Sony and Nintendo tumble as Google unveils video game ambitions…
    (I don't think news like this is worthy to even put up as usually the success or survival of a video game platform depends on great titles and guess where are all the great games coming from …hint Nintendo and Sony)

    Hmm not sure if VPN can do the trick ^_^l

    • steam had something like this didn't they? where u stream games in a box, forgot the name

      "I am quite excited but worry about streaming 4k…. with NBN. e.g. (connection lost lol.)"
      im on adsl lolz no chance for me

      • Steam link but you are using your PC as the platform while this one…..they are using GOogle servers. Microsoft tried to do this with Crackdown 3 but not sure why they abandoned it but now Google CEO has confirmed this and it will be launching with Assasins Creed Odyssey (first and only playable game from Ubisoft)

    • +5

      Its a gimmick that relies on world class internet to give (at best) sub par graphics, performance and input delay.

    • +2

      Another stupid Google product to collect data about the user and serve harmful unwanted content to them aka ads.

      Check out gaming on Android for a preview of what this is going to be like, they did so well with Android gaming.

      Going on the past record of failures it will hang around for a few years and then get terminated with no explanation like 99% of their shitty projects.

      As per usual there's ludicrous hype for breathless idiots to have a nerdgasm over.

      • Actually, you are right, this is the product they created from all of the gamer spying but not sure if this project is going to fail as it is a very lucrative market. Hope their equation includes great game library…..

        • +2

          this project is limitless, not just on games

          it enables the future where there will be no local CPU/storage

          you only wear a hologram/AR projector and start working/gaming everywhere

    • I think the bigger issue for me is I don't trust Google at all, I also wouldn't be surprised to see the thing with advertisement riddled everywhere, can't start a bought game without watching a "brought to you by doritos and mountain due" add or something.

      I like buying disks too for collecting, and I like having a dedicated console. Considering our dodgy internet here as well, I'd prefer to just keep my library on Steam (which I'd guess is what they'd try to be taking me away from). I understand the whole "it'll work on bad computers etc" but I'd still rather just buy a good computer as I'd use it for more then just gaming.

      Then again I already have an issue with current digital games as you don't 'own' the game so the provider can ban you at any time and you lose access to everything. Maybe its just my dislike to Google thats making me bias though.

    • Surprised how many act like they don't even want it to come here. I guess I'm lucky, my NBN is good and reliable, it could handle this. And having services like this available in Australia would be another reason for ISPs etc to get their act together.

      • The problem here is NBN it is expensive and ISPs are trying to make their product attractive without compromising the quality and their margin.

        The real cost is unfortunately taken from tax payers money and even more money for the monthly service.

        Lets look at this like the triad world and NBN is the one asking for protection money from the business owners by providing their ahem protection services.

        Other than that from the looks of this gloomy economy that we are heading to or already in, I am not surprise more jobs from different industries are going to get cut just to make the company more profitable. E.g.

        Big W = 1/3 stores will be close.

        Hint hint expect another big clearance of video games and etc

        Maybe 5G could be the savior alternative but concern on the impact of this radiation by the masses.

  • @[email protected]

    Sorry pizza of piece didn't mean to hijack your post…just saw this merged.

    Pretty sure I did try to search STADIA and nothing came out when I post this.

    Well anyway its for the gamers :)


  • I just wanna play a good decent RTS in my bed is that so hard to ask :(

    Touchscreen RTS would be so awesome it is doable I have tried ( in my head :( )

    • Actually I would really love to try a nice looking rts on VR.

  • Except for search, Google is a (profanity) shit software and hardware company.

  • +1

    In this case, you no longer "own" the games. It's more like a netflix service, you can't really enjoy building your gaming collection as it does not exist. In my opinion, physical games are still the best.

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