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GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter High Speed Quick Charge 3.0 $69.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Update : Just tried the code and its still working..

Another code popped up at very good price on this popular item.
Enjoy :)

Save 30% each on GOOLOO Jump Starter GP37-Plus offered by GOOLOO Direct when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code TXEG5XD6 at checkout.
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  • Thanks OP, good product but the clamps are pretty uncomfortable on my nipples.

  • This or 1500A?

  • can also quick charge iphones/ipads via usb 3.0

  • Can I use this to charge a laptop? one of the output is 12V/10A

  • Anyone able to confirm if this can charge up a 2008 Camry Altise? https://www.carsguide.com.au/toyota/camry/price/2008/altise?...

    • 800A is complete overkill, up to you. You will do fine with a lower 400A-600A battery prob be cheaper and smaller/lighter. This is a good price however.

  • These things need to be considered as disposable.
    They simply do not have adequate cells to properly support starting a vehicle, and in several demos where they have been thoroughly tested they can fail somewhere between immediately or after a few starts.

    Some good info…

    • if it saves you a couple of times, you've made your money back

      • Can't argue with that, but would be great if they built them to last.
        A good 4 cell lithium ion phosphate would last many, many uses and would be a lot safer and more durable.
        These things can fail as soon as the first use, in which case they don't save you at all.

        • Are there any on the market with those more durable cell configurations, Virtual81?

        • So what does this one have?

        • My concern with iron phosphate in this application is that the LiFePo chemistry doesn't really excel in very high discharge rates.
          Modern chemistries based on NMC or there about can have HUGE peak discharge ratings.
          Yes, I do understand that the extremely high current need is just a blip (when the crank starts moving from complete standstill), but LiFePO still doesn't love that. And there is only so many parallels you can make in a small and portable pack.

          Other than that, it must be noted that all current Lithium based chemistries have to be treated as disposable, as the cells aging is real.
          Usually you buy a jump starter, maybe charge it that once, and throw it in the trunk hoping you'll not need it. When you'll finally need it, 5 or 6 years later, it will probably be unable to do its job regardless (due to cell aging, poor storage conditions and self-discharge).

          A much better solution is to buy a manual car and invest in $30 of beers for three locally recruited strong mates to push it. Guaranteed to work and keep the mateship afloat and the healthy testosterone going.

          • @stampella: Just bought this because my manual car wouldn't start after pushing. It just happened that there was no local guys around and I couldn't push fast enough!

    • It has 18 months warranty?

      • Yes..

        5.What you Get: GOOLOO Compact Jump Box GP37-Plus, Smart Jumper Clamp, Wall Charger (With UL Certification), Car Charger, Micro-USB Cable, Carry Bag, User Manual, our 12 + 6 month extended warranty & 30 days money back and 24/7 friendly customer service

    • No it's presumably terrible information given given he's using the wrong testing equipment the wrong way with the wrong voltage to prove absolutely nothing.

      They're also first gen given the age of the video. They've moved on a bit since then.

  • Any coupon or deal on this one ?

    GOOLOO 1500A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter Quick Charge 3.0 Auto Booster Power Pack, Power Delivery 15W USB Type-C in and Out Portable Phone Charger, Built-in LED Light and Smart Protect

    • I don’t see any coupon on this one now.. Usually you can find coupons under special offer section in the listing.. Keep an eye.

  • Just imagine you purchased one of these and left it in your car. Then when you needed it you go to use it and this device is flat too!

    • can you just keep them plugged in? Understand they may last less time, but if kept for 4-5 yrs that would be excellent.
      I don't know enough about batteries to make a comment.

  • Any McGyvers here know if you can easily convert the standard Xiaomi QC power bricks into a relatively high-powered (18W vs the usual 1.5W solar ones) pseudo-trickle charger. Like if you abandoned a car at a campsite for a few months and you came back after a long trek and wanted to top it up a bit before turning the ignition?

    • I assume this time by power bricks you mean power banks? Easiest to get a 18V cordless tool battery or a few, and a DC-DC step down converter. Even easier is to get a battery kill switch if you really need to leave your car for extended periods (in a safe spot). If your battery is in good condition it should last a fair bit just don't go overboard.

      • Thanks for the tips.

        I think other than the annoyance of having to reset the clock, the kill switch might be the simplest option. Since it's a basic 90s vehicle though, it might make little difference vs the natural discharge rate.

        I suppose for long-term outdoor storage, a trickle charger might be the most economical option (since it will also prevent permanent capacity loss due to full discharge). Those newer regulated battery tenders are almost the price of a new battery.

  • Does this jump start the Toyota Camry petrol car? Why does it says "Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine" only. I could not find anything about petrol car. Thanks

  • I would recommend getting a good set of cables. Cheap ones don't work. For this set, how long before it discharges so that it's not usable? Are you supposed to charge every month or keep it plugged in?

    • I've had mine sitting under the seat for a few months and it's still at 4/5 bars of charge (as it came from the factory). Also started a completely dead Fiesta and still @ 80%. Cables that come with it seem more than sufficiently thick, especially considering how short they are.

  • can this be used for nitendo switch and laptop power bank

  • I bought one of these to take as a camping battery, but discovered that it run down quite quickly. Turns out that they use 2500mah cells inside these batteries, so its nowhere near to the 18000 mah that they claim.

    • Do you keep plugged in? or just recharge monthly?

    • Depends how many cells are in the unit.

      • Only 3 cells, which giver 2500mah @11volts. Not 18,000 @ 11v.

        In reality I can run two 5 watts LED lights for about 4 hours

    • If it works like a normal battery pack then there’s a simple explanation for it.

      18000mAh is the rating on the batteries, which as a LiPo is generally 3.7V. Thus, even for normal battery packs you will only have that as 3.7/5*18,000 = 13,320mAh.

      If you used it as a 12V source it would be 3.7/12*18,000 = 5,550 mAh @ 12V.

      Excluding losses from the buck-boost converter of course which will be pretty bad at 12V from 3.7. For this application I would assume they put multiple batteries in series to get a higher voltage, maybe 3S for 11.1V?

  • Is it just me who would be paranoid AF with this in the boot of my car on a hot day?

  • I have had good luck with Suaoki jumper starters. I've had the G8 800A for over 3 years and about dozen jump starts. Still working well and holds charge.

    • Why have you needed to jump start your car a dozen times in 3 years. I think you need a new battery.

      • It's more fun helping other people who need a jump rather than for your own car. Great excuse to break it out and flex it ( the battery I mean ) lol.

        I also have the Suaoki 800A for over a year and worked a treat a few times on other peoples cars ( Subaru Forester 2.5 Lt Petrol ).

    • Ozhunter68 is spot on. Mostly to help other people that had flats. Most were genuinely surprised it was so tiny and managed to jump start even larger SUV/4wds. For myself, used twice as I set the park modes incorrectly on my dash cam that drained the battery.

  • Bought this last time, started a 3.5l V8 Magna several times off one charge while diagnosing a dud alternator.

  • Can anyone recommend a good cheap trickle charger (as opposed to a jump starter)?

  • "The promotional code you entered is not valid." - missed out!

  • Glad the code was still working. Needed to get my family member one.

  • Bring on the 1500A! Need a code !

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