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Asked the team at Choetech for a deal on this 2-pack of waterproof phone pouches and it seems like a good price for local stock. Available in Black/White, Black/Black, Black/Pink and Blue/Pink.

Sure phones these days are 'water resistant' but I wouldn't want my phone to be in the water for any longer than a few seconds. Especially in salt water given I go kayaking.

The pouches are IPX8 water resistant up to 30 metres, allow the use of your phone's touchscreen and include a detachable lanyard.

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    Would buy but don't think my S10+ fits inside it.

    It's more vital that it adds bouyancy so the phone doesn't sink to the bottom.

    Also, that lanyard better not come off easily.


    The pouch might go to 30m, but I wonder if that's actually with a phone in it. The pressure might crush it.

    I wouldn't use this on an expensive phone if going a few metres or more underwater. That might not be a dealbreaker as there really is no need to do so anyway: a phone camera is useless except in the shallowest of depth. And even if you could speak underwater you don't get signal to be making phone calls :p Probably fine for splashing around, kayaking as mentioned. Provided you don't drop it overboard as you'll never find it anyway.

    An alternative might be Ortlieb, they have a good reputation. Wouldn't solve the crushing issue or buoyancy but watertightness might be more reliable.


      You'd be a bit stupid to think you can take this diving let alone your own phone! The 30m is basically what IPX8 is rated for.

      More or less just providing additional protection if it was to take a dip.

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