Best Gaming Laptop 2019

Need help looking for a gaming laptop with RTX 2060, 144hz, 16GB 2666MHz SDRAM, 17-inch. Used for gaming at home, so battery life and weight are not big issues.

Best deal that I can find right now is

Much appreciated.


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    If its used for gaming at home then why would you want a laptop?


      maybe he just prefers the footprint, a desktop looks kinda bulky…….plus the added benefit in the case if he does move out or needs to game on the go, because you can't lug your desktop with ya whenever unless you get lucky with a free power point or two in ever location you stop by for a good breather and man enough to carry all that bulk with ya….


        that is correct, because i will want to move from room to room and occasionally might bring it over to a friends place to play.


      Though i agree desktops are better value for money i live in a tiny unit and the size of a desktop would take 25% of my lounge room thus i have a gaming laptop

      this is a fantastic deal btw im considering upgrading my gaming laptop to this


      You can't get chest imprints from a desktop now can you.. well you can but wow that would hurt lol


    From what you've described, imo you'd be better off with a small form desktop. You'll get the same performance for much cheaper, you wouldn't want to use these on anything but a table (unless you want a burnt lap/genitals). But from a laptop point of view this is quite good for the price and checks off all the right boxes

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