Restaurant Meal Deals on The Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone,

I recently moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in QLD and one of the interesting concepts up there (possibly in Queensland generally) are the nightly specials that various restaurants, bars and hotels offer up there. I thought it might be a good idea to share great value special nights.

I live in Peregian Springs and 'The Burrito Bar' has $1.95 tacos on Mondays with the purchase of a drink. The tacos are filled with fresh produce and are extremely delicious and 3-4 fill me up, definitely great value. I highly recommend the chicken, pulled pork, pulled beef and fish tacos. They also have 25c wings on Wednesdays - not being a fan of wings, I can't comment on what they're like.

If you know of anyone who lives on the Sunshine Coast, can you ask them to add their special deals on here please so we can grow this thread?




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    This is so transparently advertising.


      Why would someone who moved to a region of Australia less than a month ago and has no affiliation with the restaurant and who's looking for others to share their knowledge of meal deals be considered advertising? Let me guess, you're a flat earther who doesn't think we landed on the moon…?


      This comment is so transparently pointless.
      Good on OP for trying to get more rural deals out there. I may just do the same when I finish my final sail and end up in Port Douglas for good where there are very few publicised deals but plenty that locals know of…such as the never ending happy hour or the 10 dollar gourmet meals from rotating venues.